The end of Sketchbook #115

End end of Sketchbook #115 will tell you all about me going back to routines of everyday life :) Reading and cello and taekwondo classes with my kid, taking care of octogenarian, talking to my family via video calls, collecting and drawing treasures I found on my walks, drinking tea, trying to clear space on my table, drawing crazy things as a way to procrastinate - all in all - normal life :) 

Sketchbook #115: Trip to Europe - Munich

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Last leg of our European adventure was in Munich and it was brutally hot. But we survived and met lots of friends and had a great time exploring the city, trying local food and looking for hedgehogs (we met one in the middle of the city and after that I could not stop looking for more :)

Sketchbook #115: Trip to Europe - Vienna and around

One of the great things we did on this trip was to get some real guided tours. Very few of them actually were in English but we enjoyed both printed and audio translations and a rare brief English-language intervention from the guide. But in Vienna, we hit a jackpot and got a really great guide. We spoke the same language and it was especially interesting because of all the hidden places we were shown, layers of history she tied for us together and special corners, stairs, walls, and tips about food and drinks.

Sketchbook #115: Trip to Europe - Austria

Austria - mountains, glaciers, lakes, and little things everywhere - rocks and apples and herbs. Lots of space, wonderful smells and tastes and abundance of clean colors! 

100 Views of Silicon Valley - they poster is here!

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And finally all 100 gouache paintings in one poster are available in my Etsy Shop!

This is a high quality print on a matte heavyweight poster paper - printed with love at a local print shop. 

And I also found a home for all of the images on my site - here is a special page: