Oct 24, 2021

Back to Baking

The rain and wind and shorter days and lower temperatures - all this means that baking begins in my household. We already baked several times and this is the second load of whole wheat bread. But this is the first time there was something for me to draw after the first inspection of the results. 

Oct 22, 2021

Perpetual Pen Maintenance and a Change of Seasons

As I cleaned and refilled some of my pens, I tried to remember when was the last time I did. Is this is something that happens suddenly? or something I plan to do? Am inspired to do so when I acknowledge that I want to go back to a distinct tool? Or when it finds its way back into my toolbox by accident? Or perhaps this is something that is a part of my seasonal adjustment - like listening to certain music, baking almost every day, or wearing a particular jacket is? And how much it would change were I to live again in a place where there are more pronounced seasons - or even less?

In any case - my flexible nib (G comic nib) of the Ackerman Pump Pen is gliding again and both parallel pens (one is standard and one modified) are filled with ink and I am off to start some bread and soak beans for the soup (another seasonal thing!). 

Oct 20, 2021

Detritus from my Inktobers

As I continue making my Flower Alphabet for Inktober this year, I have a lot of little bits and pieces that look like a mess and a promise at the same time. And, inevitably, all this detritus makes its way into my other projects and into my sketchbook.

Oct 19, 2021

Treasures: resilient hibiscus flower.

I saw an enormous hibiscus blossom at the garden center - but was on the run and could not sketch there. Luckily there was a completely dry flower on the ground which I got to draw later. It surprised me with the gentle yet bright colors and a myriad of beautiful wrinkles. 

Oct 17, 2021

Grateful: sketching friends and with friends.

I feel that the road to the new "with covid" normal is turbulent and it will take a lot of adjustments and time for me to find some landmarks and pathways again - but as "the best way out is always through" I am celebrating this week two chances to connect with people in person. 

I listened to a mini-lecture and participated in interesting dialogues with friends and drew some of them while devouring the atmosphere of being with people.  

And I had a great time talking and drawing next to a friend. Both the art-making and conversations were a gift. Neighborhood chickens and Halloween decorations or whatever we find to draw, Suhita's friendship is one of the lifelines that supports me in these times - be that online or in-person and for that, I am very grateful.