Jan 16, 2020

Overlapping of seasons.

It's January.
There is a decorative pear tree near my home.
I found some beautiful leaves on the ground the other day and sketched them. Then I looked up and saw that bare branches of the tree are covered with the buds bursting with flowers. Sketched them too - one spread of the sketchbook depicting overlapping seasons in California.

Jan 15, 2020

Sketching birds at their morning routine.

Beautifully sunny and clear morning to ride a bike! I sketched a bunch of birds sitting on the half-submerged pipe. All the birds were pruning though I did not catch the angle of the blue heron's head so he is pretty static in my drawing.
 Here is a little collage of the process and details.

Nov 19, 2019

Coming home.

These are the first two pages in my sketchbook after the trip to Europe in the fall. I love these pages because of two things: 
1. My joy for reconnecting with gouache! 
2. These pages show me how I "come home".
 These were done during busy post-trip days packed with an attempt to get back in the rhythm of things as soon as possible. I did these pages in between things, one little bit at a time. And they are depictions of the simplest things around me. 
There were other sketches but after I made these I knew I returned home :)

Nov 12, 2019

Giving names is important.

I find that giving things and creatures around you names is a good start of relationships. Here is a portrait of a night heron which I see at the same place almost always I pass it. I hamed it Penelope.
 And below a green heron Innokentiy. 

I also saw a family of ducks today. But they don't have names yet.