Sketchbook #114: Treasures - collections and single objects.

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Sketchbook #114: TreasuresSketchbook #114: TreasuresSketchbook #114: TreasuresSketchbook #114: Treasures

Sketchbook #114: Overgrown Creek

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A small creek runs through the city where I live and its path is controlled by high cement walls - which is necessary for a flood-prone area. Every year it's getting cleaned with bulldozers and large crews of workers and looks very clean and urbanized. But nature is fighting and within a month water brings enough soil to start vegetation and soon it's a thriving ecosystem: ducks bring up their young there, you see squirrels and raccoons go for a walk, butterflies and hummingbirds and all kinds of insects!

Sketchbook #114: Overgrown Creek

Sketchbook #114: Reading Time

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It's important to remember (and set your expectations right before you try to sketch someone with a book) that reading is a very active process!
SKetchbook #114: Reading TimeSKetchbook #114: Reading Time

Sketchbook #114: Iris Garden

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My painting friend posted about an iris garden in my area and a visit there was immediately put on the list of plans. By the time plans became reality it was an end of the season but the garden did not disappoint: tons of colors and fragrances assaulted me from the beginning. Plus there were ponies to look at, a bunch of rusty cars, a donkey (whom I did not see but heard pretty well) and just beyond the garden - running freely in the field was a beautiful horse with a foal.
But back to the irises - I could not decide on what to paint and then just sat in one spot on top of the hill and turned around me when I needed a new flower to paint up until it was time to go. I have to tell you though - people who name these irises are really funny! (Amethyst Flame, Barocco, somebody's Glory, another's flow, and so on and so forth). Sketchbook #114: Iris Garden Sketchbook #114: Iris Garden Sketchbook #114: Iris Garden

Sketchbook #114 - Treasures

It's a tradition in out household - I collect things to look at and others make or find things for me too. Often people leave these little treasures on my table where they sometimes accumulate in layers and sometimes mix with books and pencils. Cleaning table is a tradition too. And drawing all these traditions is a great joy :)

Sketchbook #114 - TreasuresSketchbook #114 - TreasuresSketchbook #114 - Treasures