Nov 28, 2021


I spent a few days in the forest - looking at things and also looking for mushrooms. Here are some that I decided to bring with me home:

Nov 27, 2021

Persimmon Season is here!

It's a season - persimmon season! I get all the varieties I can find and eat them and draw them and enjoy them as decorations around my home and a reason to go out and look at the beautiful trees filled with luminous leaves and then bare branches with fruits on them. The image below was painted with gouache. But I draw them with ink and pencil and watercolor and whatever I can find during this season! I will assemble my favorites here of course!

Nov 26, 2021

Orange Thistle

I saw this beauty in a bouquet that my friend put together - it looked so familiarly thistle-ish and so fiery orange I immediately was drawn to it and made a sketch with scissors to try and capture the fire above the onion-shaped head. And later I identified it as a Safflower!

Nov 20, 2021

Magical Forest and Garden: Persimmons and Apples

I went to the magical forest in the Santa Cruz mountains this week. We sketched persimmon trees and apples and had a great time catching up and hatching plans for more sketching projects with Suhita and Gay. It was a wondrous time of color and bird songs at the end of a busy week and it was a gift! 

Nov 18, 2021

Bunch of Dill

As I am approaching the end of my sketchbook, I try to look back, and sometimes I find things that I completely forgot. This page was the first one in this book, and I just got a monster bunch of dill. How fragrant it was!