More peonies

Ink and dip pen, watercolor, a bit of gouache, some nail scratching, and stamps that were on a pen package a few years ago - I am cleaning my studio, and all sorts of things from the past are finding their way into my sketchbook. 

Sketching Trip to SF Zoo!

Any day when I get to draw animals is a great day! This was one of my first solo visits to the San Francisco Zoo - an excellent chance to see animals and draw them at my own pace. I got to watch giraffe feedings! Fossa was sleeping and orangutan was playing hide-and-seek with me. My trusty pen gave me a juicy line only to run out of ink after the first hour - so I got to do some pencils and printmaking - which was a bonus! I think my favorite sketch out of these all is the one of a spectacled owl.

Virtual Traveling (with Street View World Tour)

This month the Street View World Tour was drawing Light and Shadow and we traveled all over the world. I was late and managed only a tiny sketch during the presentation of the guest artist @jennymouse2003. But I got to do two 20 minute views and after that and had a blast using my printing technique with custom-haircut pentel pocket brush.

If you are not familiar - A Street View World Tour is a fun, no-pressure gathering hosted by Jenny Adam and Eleanor Doughty via Gage Academy. You can learn more about these monthly free events and about these locations at the links above. 

My previous participations include a trip to Kharkiv, Ukraine where I was the guest artist, Drawing Sky HolesKenyaBoats, Night Life, and Hawaiian Foliage. (I am quite sure that I participated in a few more but I am not sure I ever posted about them - will try to find and add to this collection!)


For a few years now I made a plan to go to a peony nursery in the hills above San Jose, California, and for a few years now something has come up and plans have changed. This year was not an exception but I got some lovely buds from the local store to paint. And draw. And try all sorts of materials to capture them -  as peonies - from the shapes to fragrances and to colors and shadows that they create are one of my absolute favorites to try and capture. A peony tag on this blog will show you my peonies through the years.

On My Table: Beginning of June 2024.

I took the photo on May 31st as on the 1st I started to slowly pack - I am moving my studio and next month the photo might be with a different table/light/everything! Or it might look the same to everyone but me - we will see :)

This image will tell you about my May: a trip to the zoo with stencil kit and some wild brushes, making gifts, cards, and notes - for good people in my life and for myself too :) Making stickers and experimenting with all sorts of things all while my palette is asking to be refilled and summer blooms are calling my names! May was all about Flanders poppies, and now it is time for Matilija poppies. 

See you on the other side of the move :)