Feb 3, 2020

Naming my Hyacinth.

I had a hyacinth last year and drew it as it grew - here is a post with lots of images:

And saved the bulb.

Then I found it last week - with a little white leaf trying to find light in a dark corner of the shed. I put the bulb in the water - now I have a new hyacinth to draw.

I also decided to give it a name and called for submissions on social media - on this page are all the names that were submitted for consideration - I think I have a decision but need to sleep on it :) 

p.s. I cannot wait for it see the flowers!

Jan 28, 2020

In memory of Jason Polan

I never knew Jason Polan personally but through his work - online and in this book - he became an important part of my drawing world.

I opened up my phone to the news of his passing yesterday and it took me some time to put this into words: he was a huge inspiration for me. Because of how much he enjoyed the everyday stuff, how hard he looked at things and how much he paid attention. And because of how much he worked and respected the process, the connection that drawing something creates, that fleeting moment when you reflect what you see on the paper through the pen and eye. 

He still is an inspiration of course because here is his book (and here are places where the bookmarks were when I last looked through it). They will be there when I need to believe in the world and myself again, when I will need to be humbled or kicked. I am sad because the world and his family lost Jason but I am glad we all had him. 

Jan 22, 2020

The 2 minute rule from Getting Things Done system.

The famous book "Getting things done" by David Allen has lots of good advice and they all can be converted into advice for people who want to make sketching parts of their life. For example:
If it takes less than two minutes - do it now. Which I translate as "if you are stuck/waiting/unsure what to do next 2 minutes - get your hand moving - start sketching. Here are two examples from the last week and today: