Sep 29, 2020

Getting ready for inktober!

I am getting ready for the inktober: making lists, trying papers and pens, choosing what to draw for a month... Will I treat this as an additional separate project or try and incorporate the technique into other projects I have in progress? Will I follow the prompts (there are so many good ones these days - and official list too!) What rules will I make for myself? 

Sep 23, 2020

A Festival of Seasonal Veggies


Most of the fruits and veggies I stockpiled over the weekend were gone in a flash :) But some stayed long enough for me to draw. Why? This was a very unusually shaped tomato. And two veggies that we normally do not consume. 

Sep 20, 2020

6 months in

About six months ago - when Covid quarantine started I made a document for a “list of things to remember to do when this is over”. I stopped adding things to it by mid-June I think and completely forgot about it by July. Today I opened the document, crossed things that were done, moved the rest to other plans, and closed the document.