Illustration Friday: Opinion

Illustration Friday: Opinion, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I think opinions might change when you see things form other perspectives :)

Sunny street

Sunny street, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Moleskine sketchbook paper is not welcoming my watercolor attempts. As if it's saying - ok - you poured THIS here - now - deal with it!
This is where I started missing my watercolor paper choices... but I learned some things too - adding some gouache, pen and ink - helps to balance things out after watercolor flood. And being patient but not too slow helps too ;)

Hidden Villa: chickens, pigs and cows

My son adjusted composition a little by adding some pencil circles here and there in my sketchbook - and though he was rebuked, I think it added some thing to some of the pages ;)

We had a wonderful little trip - lots of leaves to look at, lots of places to run and jump :) chickens were easy to sketch since my companion was occupied with chasing them to feed some corn that he found on the floor. We saw one egg being laid! And met two kittens (they ran away too quickly).

I used Rotring artpen (shortened to make it more portable) and KOH-I-NOOR drawing ink - sepia, waterproof. It has a little bit of smell when I fill the pen (I am using refillable Piston-Fill Converter) but is almost gone when I actually draw - and I do have a tendency to get closer and closer to the paper if I loose a track of time sometimes ;) Not with these sketches though :)

Hidden Villa: resting cows

Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

We had some gorgeous weather during last week or so. And Ginkgo trees are marking the change of season by brightening everything around them with yellowest yellows. There was no way I could miss this so I grabbed my new sketchbook (handmade, I will write about it later - when I am done posting from moleskine ;), some sketching gear and my son.

It happened to be our first plein air experience together. Before this it would be either me drawing and trying to make him not draw in my sketchbook - or I would surrender and let him go through a few pages doodling things while we are in the park. This time I actually took his sketchbook (he has a special one ;) and brush and decided that I will share my paints.

It was OK ;) Each of us ended up with a spread covered with paint and scribbles. We had a nice conversation about the color of the trees and an argument about usage of the water and what to do with waterbrush. Ended up running after some things scattered by the wind or thrown away by accident and also killed one of my waterbrushes :( (it was time for it to go - and it's on the list of things Santa would probably bring me this year but there were some emotions spilled about the accident too ;)

I learned that forces of nature (in this case - wind and my son) should be respected and carefully planned for. So here is an image from my today's plein air set: I added some clips to hold pages, some string to hold together my water spray bottle and it's cap and another string to replace rubber band holding my sketchbox together and some extra wiping material for mess and spills ;)

Click on the image to see some notes ;)

Point Lobos

Point Lobos, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Wonderful day! Too bad the ink is not water proof - I'd love to add color to this landscape - but this is all I had with me during 7 minutes rest after cleaning all equipment, before driving, while drinking tea in she shadow of a magnificent pine, who deserves a special drawing time :)


Offices, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Sometimes all you need is to get out of the building - and here you are - working ;)

School building

School building, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

field and park next to school

Illustration Friday: wise

Illustration Friday: wise, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

This is a portrait of a A.A. Liubischev - a man who lived a full life. Which I think is wise :)

I just finished a book about him and found only a few portraits online. I liked this one because of the hand and because of the way how his asymmetrical face is glowing :)

Beginning of a new book

Beginning of a new book, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I was trying to start uploading more current sketches and looks like I am getting there :) This is a first sketch in my current book number 25 :)

Because of
a) lack of time and
b) interest in a more neatly looking book and
c) desire to use paper that is gentle to nibs of my pens

this book is a moleskine - 5 x 8.25, sketchbook.

Today I am almost done with it and a new sketchbook is waiting under the weight of a few art albums and a weight belt. New book has lots of watercolor paper in it because now I miss good watercolor paper ;) But I got to work with some fun pens and experiment with different medias in moleskine and overall am still having a lot of fun with it! Not too many things to share though since writing in it is very nice too - so many pages are covered with reviews, notes, recipes and lists ;) And also I was rather busy so sometimes all I got to sketch was my feet, my hand with whatever was left of the apple or bunch of fruits on my lap :)

This is a view onto the elementary school next door on a very cloudy day - the first such day since spring - I spend some time explaining what that is in the sky to my son - and had to sketch them too ;)


New Tree Friend

New Tree Friend: detail, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I had a great opportunity to sketch this tree for a few days in a row while working in a building next to it.

I think it's ceiba speciosa

The tree sits in a the inner yard of an o-shaped building in a busy district. But it's completely quiet and very calm next to it with a whole bunch of birds singing with a light echo brushing your ears. And flowers falling on the paved ground with a very distinct sound - soft but very nicely playing with birds.

New Tree Friend Tree friend and building around it Tree friend and people


Palm tree, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I am trying to catch up and start uploading more current sketches. though there is a benefit of having warm and sunny pictures up when there is a lot of rain and darkness outside ;)

This is my patio collection: a piece of palm tree I salvaged recently and my monster of a plant - monsterrrrrrra (this particular one is named Carl Marx ;)


Ilustration Friday: vacant

Ilustration Friday: vacant, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Daffodil Str.

Daffodil Str., originally uploaded by apple-pine.

A great sketcher and illustrator - Gabi Campanario started a treasure of a blog with a bunch of incredible contributors: it's all about urban sketching and you can spend the rest of the year digging into wonderful variety of cities and styles. Or you can go and sketch some too. I wil ltry to do both ;)
Houses behind the park