Stevens Creek Park

Stevens Creek Park, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

There were many little holes in the ground and because of that our hiking pace was especially slow - "every hole needs to be evaluated" - that was a principle on which the day was built. I had time to draw though and my dad had time to take pictures in between holes ;)

Stevens Creek Park

Stevens Creek Park, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Notes about the park:
Lots of wild apple trees - rather suitable for a apple biscuit! ;)
Lots of chestnut trees - they were dropping leaves from the heat wave.

Shoreline Park again

Shoreline Park again, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

At some point my companion decided that it will be a good spot to play at the playground. There was another boy and at first they were just using one ship - running around it's mast and turning all the turnable parts, eying each other. But five minutes later (I used this break to do a color version of the landscape as you see above) I heard that they were conversing - about sand in the sandals and how to empty them. Then I saw that one of the boys was pouring additional sand in the sandals of another - and giggling. Second one was very serious and was using command voice: "more, more, that's enough - more here!" :)

Shoreline Park: Squirrels

Shoreline Park: Squirels, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Amazing - there were more squirrels than Canadian geese in the park - and that's saying a lot :)

Shoreline Park: resting in a shadow

Lakeshore park

Lakeshore park, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Great day. Lots of squirrels in this park - I will post some sketches tomorrow probably ;)

A lot of Canadian geese in this park and lots and lots of kids learning to sail - very colorful reflections - too bad I decided against using watercolor on this spot...
Lakeshore park: canadians :)

Monterey: Sea Lions

Monterey: Sea Lions - 3, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Pretty big population and it looks like they were having some territorial fights - a lot of males had bleeding wounds, kids were mostly hiding with moms and females were trying to look fierce just in case. Also a lot of them were coughing badly. And, as you get to stand pretty close to them - you learn pretty fast that they never brush their teeth!

Monterey: Sea Lions - 2 Monterey: Sea Lions - 1

Monterey - Bird Rock

Monterey - Bird Rock, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Overcast day in Monterey. Rock is white from the sun-burned guano. Deep umber underneath - same as water - which was moving slowly, heavy with kelp.

Cover of the Sketchbook №22

Cover of the Sketchbook №22, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

This book was a present from my friend, lovely, very toothy paper - interesting to work with. Almost all book ended up monochromatic but you will see a page or two in color. This book went with me to many places ending up on the bottom of my backpack in offices so you will see some office scenes here too :) I am glad I finally had time to scan some pages from this one - keeps me moving :)

Trip to Monterey and the End of book #21

This page is the last one form the book number 21 - large, very spacious, filled with 140 lb watercolor paper.

I spend a great day in Monterey - got to see, smell, touch and draw different things - feels a little like it was in different life :)

I am very much behind in scanning my drawings - today I am in the middle of sketchbook number 24 and not sure when I will have a chance to scan anything... so I am considering 2 options - wait until life gets less busy (lol) or start taking quick pictures and uploading them as it's much faster. What do you think?

Rancho San Antonio - part II

There are quite a few trails in this park but at some point we just called it an end and spent some time resting and doing different things :) First - trying to catch wild turkeys. Then - trying to take pictures of them. Then - throwing sticks and stones in the water, then drawing and jumping from one stone to another :)

Rancho San Antonio - who is busy with what?