On My Table Today: A book I recommend.

This is a book about sketching. 

It is filled with lots of inspiring art (my art is there too and it makes me super proud to be in such an amazing company. I think you can buy this book it to tear our separate pages and hang on your walls). 

It is written in a very sincere, kind voice. As if Suhita is talking to a friend who wants to sketch but did not get to it yet or dropped it at some point and wants to go back.

Here are my four favorite parts of the book:

1. Using shapes to understand and capture people quickly:

2. How to create a visual path:

2. Shape as a starting point:

2. List of challenges:

You can order this book on Amazon.

And here is a link to a post where Suhita shares a free downloadable PDF and information about where you can get some signed copies!