December 2011: Wunderlich Park

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We had a great hike but forest is very dry, even dusty in some places. Great mushrooms in some places though. I hope New Year will bring more rain, more green, more fog to these woods.
December 2011: Wunderlich Park

December 2011: Treasures

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December 2011: Treasures by apple-pine
December 2011: Treasures, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.

We found a few very colorful trees in a neighborhood which we thought we new pretty well: pomegranate and persimmon :) Persimmon tree is in someone's yard do I got a chance to draw it - but no fruits were close enough to draw them individually (or eat them ;) And this little pomegranate was on the ground - though it's so tiny that we use it as a new year decoration :)

December 2011: People

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December 2011: People by apple-pine
December 2011: People, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.

Drawing people listening to a lecture - great lecture, great chance to draw :)

December 2011: Pine Trees

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December 2011: Pines

December 2011: Pines by apple-pine
December 2011: Pines, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.
Pine trees continue to be cut to pieces :( I tried to console myself by spending some time drawing the process but it was very hard to hear the sound of broken limbs. Street looks foreign.
December 2011: Pines
December 2011: Pines

December 2011: Pines

December 2011: The Last of Persimmons

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I just finished my reserve - no more persimmons... and no more drawings of them ;)

Drawing Christmas Lights

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Drawing Christmas Lights by apple-pine
Drawing Christmas Lights, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.

December 2011: SF Zoo

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Holiday Season is at large in San Francisco Zoo!
Reindeer, fake ice-skating, polar bears everywhere plus train with lights!

I had a great time - especially being quiet by koala and trying to draw cassowary while it's trying to find a best angle to look at me :)

December 2011: SF Zoo by apple-pine
December 2011: SF Zoo, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.
I saw how giant anteater was licking what looked like strawberry yogurt with a lot of enthusiasm :)
December 2011: SF Zoo

Hornbills were entertaining us with sounds and action!
December 2011: SF Zoo

Flamingos were asleep - all of them!
December 2011: SF Zoo

The most active member of the zoo this time was Hippo - playing in the water all the time - I got almost splashed, saw his grin about 10 times in 12 minutes and he ran a several times from the water and back just for the fun of it!
December 2011: SF Zoo

December 2011: SF Zoo

December 2011 - Tree Cutting Continues.

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December 2011 by apple-pine
December 2011, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.

Added pencil at home - wind picked up a lot of dirt and dust.

First Weekend in December

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Pictures will tell you all :)

December 2011: Home by apple-pine
December 2011: Home, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.

December 2011: Hidden Villa

November 2011: Park

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November 2011: Park by apple-pine
November 2011: Park, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.

While I spent time sitting on the grass drawing this page a whole bunch of kids decided to position themselves on a tree nearby in a hope that I might draw them - with the tree. I was not able to fir them all on the tree - and show how fast they were moving - but here are some of my young friends - posing :)

November 2011: Park