Illustration Friday: Tales and Legends

Do you think it's a legend? And think about all those tales!

Another News Digest

Reading book reviews in NY Times and looking for a better image of Gertrude Stein online, then drawing it. This was done a few weeks ago - I am working on post with more current drawing ;)

News Digest

NY Times articles - about one of the superior court judges (above) and about Vows (below)

raining cats and dogs - 2

Drawing from my window (above) and from the book (below) - adjusting weather on the go a little - it's too gloomy outside not to!

raining cats and dogs

It's raining cats and dogs here - so no drawing outside for me today - but I am happy to dig these out - my meetings on the streets ;)

Illustration Friday: plain

I'd like to have a long, very plain dress of this green color with this bush painted on the bottom. And with little pockets on sides.

One of the projects: COLOR

I am working on creating series of sketches - one of the themes is color and January is a month to discover browns around me :)

New brown pants/ And carpet ;)
Looks like I curled my toes out of concentration ;)
Can you see what these are maid of?

In resolution...

In resolution to be more current with my posts - here are 2 drawings from today's lunch walk.

News Digest

Article in NY times (I am still catching up on my sketchbooks - so it was a little while ago). Discussion about lethal injection as a death penalty. This person did not reject his sentence - but he did not want to go via lethal injection. The article did not say (perhaps, journalist did not ask?) which way he wanted to go though.


I am behind my posting again...
And I wanted to do a list of my goals here - but it looks like for now they'll stay in my book - no time to re-organize and type here.. but one of them - to be more current with my sketch posts - like post actually 2 themes I am developing in January -- during the month of January or early February ;)

Distant Zoo

Zoological Society of London recently published a whole bunch of historical photos. Since Zoo is always an interesting subject for me - I indulged in drawing many images from photos - consider this my news digest :) If you click on any of the images below you will see larger version and in some cases - note about the photo.

Image above inspired me to find an old photo which was taken in the zoo when I had a chance to play with a little lion and a couple of bears. Bears won, by the way ;)

Happy New Year, everyone!

After the holidays comes time when everything is quiet for a while and I have a chance to think about things in perspective: what's done, plans, etc. I am getting there but still did not have time to do it properly - I am drawing about this time though ;)