Enjoyable Visit to a Dental Office

Everyone is experiencing something unexpected: my son is talking non-stop with his mouth under attack, Doctor brushes her teeth (to show how to) and has to answer at least a thousand questions and I for a change not the one answering those questions and I get to sketch - so I enjoyed this visit a lot :)

October 2010: Dentist Check-Up, originally uploaded by apple-pine.
October 2010: Dentist Check-Up

First Look at 2010.

I am trying to look at the year as a whole, see some results and put my plans in order. And first thing I see is that I am about two sketchbooks behind in my posting. So - first things first - this is a look at my table in October of this year :) And a bunch of October pictures will make it to my Flickr right after it - just click on the image :)

December 2010: Alum Rock Park

We had a really great day in Alum Rock Park: throwing rocks in the water, painting together, lots of squirrels, very noisy blue jays attacking my backpack (which I left on a table for a minute), very quickly moving sun, amazing shapes of trees. And a lot of talking about all of the above :)

December 2010: Alum Rock - Lunch Time, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

December 2010: Alum Rock - Sycamore Tree

December 2010: Alum Rock - Moss Covered Table

December 2010: Alum Rock

December 2010: Alum Rock

September 2010: Cal Academy Visit

After posting sketches from recent visit to Cal Academy I realized that I am WAY behind with posting older sketches - and here are some from September Academy Visit :)

September 2010: Cal Academy Visit

September 2010: Cal Academy Visit

September 2010: Cal Academy Visit

September 2010: Cal Academy Visit

September 2010: Cal Academy Visit

September 2010: Cal Academy Visit

September 2010: Cal Academy Visit

September 2010: Cal Academy Visit

This beauty was meeting us at the very beginning :)

Cal Academy

December 2, 2010: Museum Day, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Click on the image to see it larger and also visit other sketches form this visit.

November 28, 2010: Hiking

November 28, 2010: Hiking, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

My current book is large: Bee Paper Super Deluxe Aquabee 9" x 12" and I realized that it's too much to carry with me - especially in colder weather and with all the extra hats-gloves etc. that I keep in my backpack these days. As a result it's nice paper is being filled with post-it sketches from whatever paper was available... I used to have several books running at once bu it seems to be a much better resource when everything is under one cover.

Today was rather cold so I did these while waiting for my companions to finish lunch or to catch up with me - and finished some at home after a nice cup of tea ;)

November 28, 2010: Hiking

Sketchbook #50

Sounds like a nice round number and sounds like a lot. But it's not ;)

November Skies: My Obstacles

November 5, 2010: Sky, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Two nights in a row I was painting in the park trying to find my way through these obstacles:
1. Sky changing very fast.
2. High humidity: hard to make any details/drop second layer or add anything but the very first impression. Had to do that in almost complete darkness and even finish one tree details later.
3. Well wishing adults and kids all of a sudden explaining what I should add and asking why something does not look exactly like this etc.

November 4, 2010: Sky

November 5, 2010: Sky

August 2010: Hiden Villa

August 2010: Hiden Villa, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I had a great time sketching with my little companion - he received one of my tin-boxes (ex-mint box) with pints and a personal waterbrush and filled 1.5 sketchbooks with treasures since end of August :)

August 2010: Visiting California Academy of Sciences

While we rested under the aquarium dome a scuba-cleaning team started working on the space above me. I drew this extremely efficient and polite diver (not only he cleaned a lot of surface but he also was moving to avoid any collision with large fish). Pack my brush and make ready to go and hear knock suddenly - he saw that I was drawing and asked me - with gestures - to look at the sketch :) He liked it a lot I think - I could see smile even with mouthpiece in :)

With this I finish uploading sketchbook #47 - here is a link to a whole collection of sketches from it:

October 22, 2010: Self Portrait After the Run

Today was very gray and wet for me in the morning. Good though :)