May 2011: Digitalis

May 2011: Digitalis, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

This front yard is a real forest - overgrown with all colors of roses, digitalis and many other plants.

Here is a picture I took while sketching on the spot (twit-twit:

April 2011: Trip to Spain - Madrid

Last image from my trip to Spain. See them all here:

April 2011: Trip to Spain - Museums

This is a collage of my museum impressions from the recent trip to Spain.

I enjoy going through museum redrawing things in my own way :)

Previously I had a few cases when I was told it's not allowed, but in Prado, where people are not allowed to take photos but many are still trying to, my sketchbook attracted a lot of positive attention :) Some kids were following me discussing if they are allowed to take a picture of my sketchbook with that painting :)

April 2011: Trip to Spain - Barcelona

On our last day in Barcelona we went to the Park G├╝ell one more time and I started sketching this view at the sea and Barcelona - from the hill. Too bad rain made me run for cover. Or, may be it's for the best - there is always something special for me in unfinished sketches :)

April 2011: Trip to Spain - Barcelona Sketchcrawl

I had a chance to sketch with the Barcelona sketching crowd - and saw lots of great pages created right next to me! Unfortunately I did not know most of them - but had a great time looking through some sketchbooks and talking to Lapin :) He has an amazing little studio where he works with a bunch of really interesting folks!