February 27, 2010: Making a Tree

We had a couple of days with strong winds and today park looked as if Olympic woodcutting games just took place there.

Kids picked up a few largest brunches and decided to make a tree out of them. Pretty complex task taking in the account that many brunches were well over 6' long and some kids were standing well under 3'. A lot of team work!

February 27, 2010: Park

I observed different management approaches (my favorite was: YOU ALL - DO SOMETHING IT'S FALLING APART!!!!) and gave an advise on general structural strength :)

There was also a sighting of a ground weasel nearby but it was too fast for me to draw. I drew an observer instead ;)

February 19, 2010: Sunset at the park

Too dump for watercolors to dry. Many very strange overlapping clouds. Lost little marble in sand box.

December - Lights

December - Christmas Lights, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

We spent one December evening in the City of Palo Alto hiking through streets with wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah decorations and lights.

At first I decided that it will be evening without sketching - firstly because it was dark :) And secondly - because kids were trying to try every decoration with hands, feet and sometimes, teeth ;)

But then I saw this house and immediately proclaimed it as a house of my dreams - in short - my house. "MY" is something toddlers can relate to too easily. So immediately whole gang knew that this is "Nina's house" and everyone was ready to stop and spend some time discussing it. And I had a chance to draw it a little ;)

Needless to say that it should be a late evening scene with lots of dark silhouettes, lights in the windows, on the ledge and around the tree ;)

Sylvan Park: fall turning into a winter

I've been absent from the Flickr world for a little while because of some computer issues. Now i have a new set-up and hope to jump on posting a whole bunch of things - new badgers, backlogged sketches, current sketches and samples of recent projects ;)