Walking in the woods

Walking, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

A wonderful Mushroom hike - I did not have time to watercolor on every little stop and some pages are just bits of this and that but overall this series will give you an idea about my day ;)


Mushroom Hike treasures Break for dried fruit and Cho-Cho train on the log By the creek and in the park

Drawing while in passenger seat

I took my car to the repair shop and decided that since I have a meeting soon I should use their shuttle service to be a little early (instead of walking). The distance was about 3 miles - if you just take simple road. (I ran to pick-up my car later that day). It was a looong ride. I sketched on every other traffic light ;)

Drawing while in passenger seat, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

While in the car my phone rang - meeting was canceled - hurray - I got to sketch nearby street :)

Iris Street

Park Building

Park Building, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

We have lots of rain these days and looking at sunny sketches makes me feel much dryer ;)

Spreads from book #39

Spread: run and swim, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

It's a nightmare of a book to work in.

I enjoy it - most of the time but things take forever to dry and almost all pens clog or break in 2 minutes. I feel like I am wasting all the goodness of a rough watercolor paper on ballpoint pen... but with patience and time (both of which are in short supply lately) some spreads look OK. Those I will post soon.
Spread: swim, park, morning, run
These spreads - look like my life ;)


Stacks, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I am quietly back to posting ;)

Lost Light

Lost Light, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

This is the last color page of sketchbook #37 - I am very much behind with my scanning and posting again ;)

I am working in book #39 right now and it'd a hand-made rough watercolor paper about 9 x 14 - very different and very hard... will post more soon ;)