War in Ukraine: Guide Through Posts on this Blog.

War in Ukraine.
There are many posts connected to this subject on my blog these days and this is a hub to organize different subjects connected to the war and provide a way to navigate through them.

Kharkiv, Ukraine is a city where my parents grew up and lived their whole life. We are a multinational family and we spoke and continue speaking russian language within my family, which is why most of the notes surrounding portraits are in russian. I try to put a summary of each conversation in English when I post it here.
I used to draw my parents during our video conversations but when the war began on February 24, 2022 we switched to daily video calls and I started drawing them and then sharing these portraits and notes on their day-to-day activities with the community online. These portraits are my War Reports in the Form of Portraits. We talk about Kharkiv, Ukraine, family, language, news, everything and anything. These are real humans whose life was uprooted and I hope to give people a chance to see it in this form.

Some of the things I do:
Donate: novaukraine.org - This organization is doing important humanitarian support for people in Ukraine and in Kharkiv in particular. 
Attend Rallies and Events: a good source for the upcoming events is stopputin.net
My road to the Ukrainian Language (with links to music, podcasts, and some learning resources). 

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