Illustration Friday: Signs - II

We are working on better communication between us - and big part of this process is learning sign language, inventing new signs, putting them together and using in everyday situations. This one is pretty useful - it means - "EAT" - I see it used a lot in the morning ;)

Illustration Friday: Signs

There are many signs of when someone wants to sleep - they yawn, they start rubbing their eyes etc. But my favorite sign is when someone just turns off and falls asleep - then I am sure that all previous signs were about sleep too :)

I decided to add another blog entry on the same subject of signs:

Spring Sketchbook - IX

I've been away from my blog for a few days - but I should be able to catch up soon. I better - I am almost a full sketchbook behind here ;) This was done when there were no leaves on marvelous trees in the park near me and now the shade is so deep that you can hardly draw under them!

Illustration Friday: Citrus

It just happened so that I was painting lemons :) It should be a small series of drawings and paintings that I am making to look at things that I enjoy after a withdrawal from some of them. So - this is my first citrus fruit in a year ;)

Oh, and I happened to make 2 of them - tell me which one works better :)

Illustration Friday: Neighbor

Jerico became our good friend and he popped up in my mind as soon as I read the subject of this week's IF challenge.