Milestones of quarantine

I measure these times in many different ways, most of which are not that different from how I measure time in non-quarantine times. One of them is by drawing myself.
As we come up to the day 80 of quarantine (in our household) I decided to look back at some of the milestone self-portraits I drew (actually I drew many more - especially blind contours - but these are are the most telling I think). I will start with the most recent one and then move back to March:
Day 80:
Day 70:
Day 60:

Day 50:

Day 46:

Day 25:

Making Zines

Another sketching game I play is making little zines and filling them. Now - Zines are small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images. I've learned about them from the art of Kate Bingaman-Burt (she has a class about zines on skillshare) and then fell in love with the Malaka Gharib's amazing little zines and then Austin Kleon made a flock of zines during the quarantine - so I ended up following my heroes and started making zines and filling them with things like "what I saw on my walk" (see video below) etc.
I usually make a bunch of empty zines and then use them during the week.

This is my favorite spread from this zine.

Sketching Game I play

I am playing a sketching game almost every day these days. 

I found it on Louise Gou√ęt's instagram and loved her work and the idea so much it became a little present I give myself. Giving yourself little presents is one of the things that I recently added to my repertoire of survival skills and now I recommend it to everyone. Especially now. But that is a reason for a whole separate post.

About this game: I go to the mapcrunch website which gives me a random street view from Google maps. And then draw stuff that I see! Granted some adjustments are needed often - but it's a great start! And if I wanted an urban scene - I just go to google maps and do a street view of a city I want to visit one day. These are mostly super-quick 2x4 inches sketches on whatever paper I have in my pockets (which is a story for another post!)

And then I post it with the #locationdrawathome tag on Instagram.
Try it out and send me a link / tag me on Instagram to see!

Alstroemeria and other things on my table

I am working in this giant sketchbook (the kind that does not fit in any backpack - but more about it in another post). And there is a lot of things going on in this book - in particular - I am on a quest to learn to spell alstroemeria. I draw it every day and write it too. I think I am almost there (I had to correct it only twice during the preparation of this post - which is much better than before).