Palm Trees are Getting a Haircut

May 2013: Palm Trees and Tulips by apple-pine
I saw a tree cutting crew working the other day but did not have time to sketch - so I made some notes later on a page about my tulips.

But I got lucky - they tree cutters were still there on the next day!
May 2013: Palm Trees are Getting a Haircut

I was glad to see them hanging and singing their jungle song of "Hey-Ho"s - every time when leaf / branch goes down. 
May 2013: Palm Trees are Getting a Haircut

Badger Log: 35 (2013)

Last sketches from the Book of April.

April 2013: Wind by apple-pine
It was a bit wet, very windy and a beautiful month. And it seems so many things happened since then - vacation with sharks and turtles, adventures of many sorts, new friends, old friends - and I am still posting drawings from before :) But no more - tomorrow comes current sketchbook's stuff :)

April 2013: Forest
April 2013: Early Morning
May 2013: Daily Life

Park People

April 2013: Park People by apple-pine
Weekend parents are way more interesting to draw than a weekday. First of all - there are more of them, more Dads and more families, more interaction between all and more time spent in the park :)
April 2013: Park People

Back form the Caribbean Adventure!

2013: Caribbean Adventure by apple-pine
2013: Caribbean Adventure, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.
And I am back from an amazing underwater adventure - with many many pages filled with notes, sketches and taped-in paged from the sketchbook which I kept during my dives!

Yes - drawing while scubadiving is an amazing experience! This is my second attempt to keep notes and draw under water. I used rite-in-the-rain sketchbooks and regular #2 pencil - just like the last time - but I also tried a red-and-blue pencil - and it was GREAT! Much softer lead was probably the most useful feature (no matter how soft the regular graphite pencil - it still feels very hard at the depth). But having some color was a blast! The only thing I would change is next time I would take several pencils with me on a trip - sea water and depth make pencils fall apart pretty quickly, not to mention runaway pencil ascents and pencils swimming away during boat boardings :)

All in all over 40 pages were filled and you can see many of the in the special set I created:

And here are some of my favorite moments from seven days of liveaboard experience:

April-May 2013: Caribbean Adventure - Process

April-May 2013: Caribbean Adventure - Process
(Thank you Kate H. for the photo of me at work!)

April-May 2013: Caribbean Adventure - Underwater


April-May 2013: Caribbean Adventure, Saba - Diamond Rock

April-May 2013: Caribbean Adventure - Underwater

April-May 2013: Caribbean Adventure - Underwater

April-May 2013: Caribbean Adventure - Underwater



April-May 2013: Caribbean Adventure - Saint Martin