Sketchbook #98: Peony

Often I have no clue how much time I have for the sketch - and then I try to make a little series - like with this bouquet of peonies.

It does not look that way - but this paper is actually exceptionally nice to work with. It's not watercolor friendly yet it does not fight a wash. It's perfect for markers and pencils leave a line that is just fat and juicy! I picket it us at a Japanese store - thin and creamy - perhaps I will not make a whole book out of it but definitely will use for the separate sketches :)
Sketchbook #98: Peony

Badger Log: 34 (2016)


Badger Log: 33 (2016)

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Sketchbook #97: Last Spread

Somehow last pages of each sketchbook are hard for me - as much as first ones probably or even harder. So much good memories in the book. By this time I got used to the size and paper and have a lot to tell about the time we spent together - and all of a sudden I have to put it on the shelve? It's tough. So to close the story I often draw my materials :)

Sketchbook #97: Last SpreadSketchbook #97: Last Spread

Sketchbook #97: My Life Drawing Class

My new love in action: blue+red duo-pencil plus Prismacolor yellowed orange ;) I worked through a surprising number of them lately - and keep using each pencil till the stub is tiny. I have a jar where I collect stubs like that :)

Sketchbook #97: My Life Drawing ClassSketchbook #97: My Life Drawing ClassSketchbook #97: My Life Drawing Class

Sketchbook #97: Trying New Sketching Set-Up

Before my Europe trip I re-created a stand-up drawing kit for myself with a horizontal and vertical options for positioning board with watercolors and water. Below is a rough explanation and two sketches I did - one with each set-up :)
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Horizontal sketching set-up and #jacaranda #tree #sketchbook #sketching #urbansketch #urbansketghing #paloalto #watercolor #palette Sketchbook #97: Trying New Sketching Set-UpSketchbook #97: Trying New Sketching Set-Up