November 2012: Hiking

November 2012: Hiking by apple-pine
November 2012: Hiking, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.

My pen stopped working and I dropped some ink on this sketch while trying to revive it. I added colors from memory later.

A Kiss Before You Go

I am looking forward to this book by a friend and mentor - Danny Gregory:

Patrick Dougherty Installation - Palo Alto Arts Center

November 2012: Patrick Dougherty Installation - Palo Alto Arts Center by apple-pine
This sculpture by Patrick Dougherty in Palo Alto Arts Center is amazingly alive! About 20 feet tall with lots of ways to go through it, not to mention windows everywhere - it's not a maze and it's not a castle but I can certainly see it become both and much more!
November 2012: Patrick Dougherty Installation - Palo Alto Arts Center
I spent some time playing hide and seek in this installation this afternoon and then stopped to sketch, played some more and sketched some more...
November 2012: Patrick Dougherty Installation - Palo Alto Arts Center
It's been a while since I took my sketching gear to such outing and I enjoyed it very much! :)
November 2012 - great day!
To read (and watch) a little more about this piece of art go to:

My Trip to Alaska: 12 Month Calendar (2013)

Available through my web-site:

November: Badger - Dinosaur

November 2012: farewell, pumpkins

November 2012: farewell, pumpkins by apple-pine
Post-Halloween mood: we had a ton of fun carving these, got a special prize at competition and enjoyed them lit every evening for almost a week... but the time has come to save ourselves from the invasion of moldy monsters...
November 2012: farewell, pumpkins 
Saying Goodbye to Our Pumpkins

November 2012: Drawing in Small Increments

November 2012: Sport by apple-pine
It seems like November so far is mostly covered with patchy sketching on different scraps of paper and at different everyday events. Lots of fast moving people for me to practice though :)

November 2012: Sport

November 2012: School 
Kids in the Science Class...

November 2012: School 
Parents and kids in the school yard on Election Day. 

October 2012

Let's Carve This one instead...

October-November 2012

October-November 2012 by apple-pine
When I started this sketchbook I wanted to have "color" background - it looks like craft paper but if you zoom in when drawing you can see little colorful fibers... and I love how this paper feels to draw on.. yet many spreads are filled with something I've done on a different scraps of paper and glued/taped/painted in :) Is it because I have some colorful tapes and stickers to play with? October-November 2012 
October-November 2012

Two Bananas - One Banana

November 2012: Life of my Bananas - part 2