Spring Sketchbook - VII

I got myself a new toy - mini set of watercolors - it's so small that I can carry it in the pocket without noticing ;) Here is a small layout of colors if you are interested ;)

And here is a couple of spreads from my Spring Sketchbook - done with the brand new watercolor set ;)

New Friend

I have a new friend - his name is Jerico and he lives just a couple of blocks from me. We visit him with A. almost daily - just to say "Hi" or to discuss his posture and voice or to sketch him ;) At first people who live with Jerico were surprised at my actions and came out to meet me. But when they realized that I am just drawing they were very nice and offered me a chair and tea :) I haven't accepted yet but they seem to be very nice - after all if Jerico lives with them - they should be ;)

Illustration Friday: Polar

I think I am pretty predictable - my first reaction to Polar was a polar bear:) Polar Bears are - which is fascinating creature and I'd love to illustrate them and write some trivia I recently found out about them... but then I thought that my second association with the Polar might be better suited for illustration right now - it's Bi-Polar Disorder.

Spring Sketchbook - VI

When I came on the next day I found out that overnight everything bloomed and there is no way for me to find small buds that I saw yesterday in the full head of flowers that I see today :)

So that's a story behind my spring sketchbook. I went on recording all kinds of flowers and trees and anything that had a "spring" effect on me in this small book - almost until the end of March. And I will continue posting items from that book - just to complete my "Spring of 2007 record" - and will start catching up with more recent drawing ;)

Until the next post - where you will meet Jerico - my new friend :)

Illustration Friday: fortune

This is a palm to put goose bumps on palm-reader's back ;)

This is fortune teller with the young guy - and between them - the fortune...

As always - comments and questions are welcome. Click on the image to see larger picture ;)

Spring Sketchbook - V

And finally I picked a couple of brunches and started the drawing experiment of following Sakura trees through the flowering season day-by-day ;)

Spring Sketchbook - IV

And so I completed my search for that perfect setting and did one more landscape overview. Next day I was planning to start drawing particular branches to follow them day by day ;)

Illustration Friday: green

Here is a not so green cabbage :)

I am also placing a couple of sketches from the "one minute" exercises section - since these pages were done with the green pen and my subject is quite a green young fella ;)

Spring Sketchbook - III

And then there was a day after the rain - which I spent looking at bark and some petals and fallen flowers on the ground. I was still concentrating on sakura trees overall - looking for that one to draw consistently...

Spring Sketchbook - II

Here is another spread from my sketching adventures with sakura trees ;)

Spring Sketchbook - I

Well, I always wanted to make one of those movies where you make a picture of flower opening every hour or so and as a result you can see it's progress in motion. And I am absolutely amazed by variety of sakura flowers - gentle colors, light scent, texture, contrast with the bark, and many other things ;)
So I thought about making a movie since cameras are so available these days. But then I thought that it might be interesting to draw one tree daily. Just come to the same spot, mark where I stand and do a drawing or two daily... This sounded like a great idea, I got a separate sketchbook for this project and started with drawing overall place where everything would be happening :)

Here are my first few pages. What happened next - I will tell you very soon - with illustrations (but rest assured - sketchbook is filled with drawings and almost everything is scanned already ;)