Treasures and trees

I continue my travel in time posting leftovers from my past sketchbooks in an attempt to catch up with the present moment :) This is Sketchbook #89 (at the time I write this post I just started #91 so I am gaining :)

Sketchbook #89 was a Square Handbook Journal 5.5" x 5.5" which I partially filled during the trip through Utah and Arizona and published earlier here:
And here are some treasures and a wonderful oak tree:

Sketchbook #88: Tree
Sketchbook #88: TreasuresSketchbook #88: Treasures

My Participation in the Strathmore's new Art Project: "Pass the Journal"

Pass the Journal is a collaborative art project organized by Strathmore. Artists from around the world fill the pages of 12 art journals, passing them on to keep the cycle going.

I created a spread about treasures and you can view it as well as work of other artists drawing in this journal and other journals here:
My Participation in "Pass the Journal" by Strathmore
Because of this opportunity I had two wonderful walks - one was when I went to gather things to draw and paint and then sat in a shadow to actually create the spread.
Working in #Strathmore traveling journal (pass the journal) today.
Another walk was when I went for a little sketchcrawl with the previous artist from Rockwell journal - wonderful and inspiring Gay Kraeger! It's an mazing experience - to meet in person someone whose sketches I've been following online, to be able to flip through actual, live journal pages and draw side by side (even if it suddenly rains in California :)
Sketching in the rain! #sketchbook #flower
I am excited to be a part of this and can't wait to see what others will make out of their spread! Thank you, Strathmore and Gay!

Flowers of different seasons

I am slowly approaching closing the gap between scans that I show and current sketchbook (you can see process snapshots from the current book mostly - like previous post from the pool :)

Flowers of different seasons Flowers of different seasonsFlowers of different seasons

Mayhem at the pool