Recent trip report | part 4

I enjoy drawing in museums. When I have a chance to visit the same museum several times over several years it becomes interesting to see which paintings I decided to sketch and what parts of them I noticed then and now.
Kharkov has a wonderful art museum with some real treasures and amazing people who work there.
These are my notes from the recent trip:

Artists mentioned in my notes are:

Recent trip report | part 3

During this trip, I saw lots of people and animals. Most were on the planes and in airports.  I drew only some of them - which reminds me that I should draw more. 

But even these will tell you little stories.  First is about the collection of buttons that my parents gave me to look through (I opened only the first box of several but immediately my niece found buttons she urgently needed for her coat!). Also - it's not actually a collection. The correct way to describe it is "all the buttons from all the coats and dresses since the war".

Story number two: that fish was very tasty, but cleaning kitchen took two days :) 
You will find more stories in the sketches themselves.

Recent trip report | part 2

I tried to paint the city every day. Mostly these are places I remember, some looked completely new to me.  I tried to look at them to see familiar sights through the layers of change.

Lots of beautiful changes in foliage were happening from one day to another. They were making me feel as if I should stop painting different places but just come back to the same corner over and over.

Recent trip report | part 1

I spent a week in Ukraine this September.  It is always interesting to look at how things have changed from one visit to another and experience autumn which is so familiar and so different.