Everyday Life: This tomato.

This tomato was pretty tasty. But before I found out that I knew that it was fragrant and shiny and reflected a lot of blue around it. 

Everyday life: a walk.

 During the walk I felt like the fall is actually coming. And that I am very rusty with some of my skills.

Everyday Life: This pear was very tasty


Little things from the day - sketched, taped, and glued in the book little notes. 

Everyday Life: Acacia Seed Pod


After I finish making my main inktober image I keep going about it with leftover materials and ideas. I also just really liked drawing the word ACACIA and the way these pods create shadows within themselves.

Sketching My Everyday Life.

Just a page with sketches from the other day: leftover inktober pear next to California Bear. By the way I checked - looks like the idea that the pear was supposed to be on the flag and then someone misheard and put a bear is an urban legend and also one of the places where we can exercise our ability to check facts and think about resources that we trust. I believe  the bear was supposed to be on the flag from the beginning. 

Everlasting Meal

I wanted to tell my friend about the book I recently got that the library and ended up drawing about it in my sketchbook:

Fall calls for the toned paper sketchbooks

I recently started sketchbook #131 - it is a cappuccino hahnemuhle A4 book, and I thought that somehow fall is the time when I always crave some toned paper. I went to the shelve where I keep most of my books and realized that I was right. 

My favorite toned paper sketchbook used to be Recycled Earthbound Cachet Sketchbook from Daler Rowney. It has a lovely ochre paper with fibers of all colors showing on the surface. It was pretty thin and not suitable for water media, but I loved how it worked with ink and markers, and buckling does not matter that much to me anyway. The joy from drawing and painting in it was always bigger anyways. 

And over the years, these books would always come out in the fall - here is a shot of the sketchbooks #36 (2009), #60 (2011), #70 (2012), #93 (2015), #109 (2017), all laid out on my table. I decorated the cover and had a lot of fun drawing my life in them. And this year, I found the only spiral bound Recycled Earthbound, so the cappuccino book is getting a chance. It does not have the same colorful surface but, it is lovely smooth and has a peachy ochre color and seems to be a joy to work on too!

Inktober - the first five days.

 Inktober is always an experiment for me - so far I am enjoying it immensely. Here are the first 5 days:

Little pieces.

Some days allow for a cohesive flow, and other days don't. On all kinds of days, I try to keep little sketches going, and then when I have a chance, I collage them into my main sketchbook together with stickers, stamps, and whatever else I keep in my pockets, on my tables, and in my pocketbooks  -  all of these are little pieces of sketching scattered throughout the days.

September: Sunsets

All sorts of things happened this September. Just like the rest of this year it was filled with very much expected, completely outrageous, some unique and some crazy, a handful of surprising, a few scheduled, several sad, and many mundane events. Here are some of my favorite memories - of the wonderful sunsets I witnessed, all done on spontaneous bike tides. Here is to more!