Two evnings

Quiet evening, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

These are two evenings a little over a month apart. One as full of conversations, another - mostly silent.

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Belly Swing

Belly Swing, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I tried too - it's a lot of fun.

Las Palmos Park

Las Palmos Park, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I got myself a fixative fhat REALLY DOES NOT SMELL!!!

And having fun with the pencils again ;)

picchetti ranch

picchetti ranch, originally uploaded by apple-pine.
picchetti ranch picchetti ranch

Sumi Ink Self Portrait After the Run

Rather poor quick phone-picture of yesterday's run ;)

I am giving Ackerman pen another run in a new way - instead of filling it with the ink I am using it as a regular dip pen - just short enough to fit my pencil pouch and with a nice tight cap too ;)

Painting Parm Trees on the Corner

I had a wonderful time painting since I finally remembered to take my little folding chair with me! A guy on the phone kept moving around me loudly discussing intricacies of the stock market I think - I tried to tune him out ;) When he was done with the conversation he stopped by to say hi - apparently he lives in the building next to where I was painting. He said that next time he will bring out his cat so that I can make a portrait for him ;)

You know that moon?

You know that moon?, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

It's MINE!

Filoli Gardens Trip

Filoli Gardens, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Filoli Gardens is a wonderful place with many many things to draw - both architecture and nature of different scale! We had a whole bunch of kids with us so sketching was limited to very quick notes. Three different pens died on me during this little trip ;) Hence the eclectic lines ;)

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Filoli Gardens - Chickens Filoli Gardens and Evening Portrait


Raisins!, originally uploaded by apple-pine.