December 2013: Everyday Treasures - Food! :)

December 2013: New Apples by apple-pine

I am fighting with the last pages of this sketchbook (very tires of the paper which cannot survive washes) and trying out new pen :) And enjoying food treasures :)
 December 2013: Treasures - Hazelnuts

Badger Log: 100 (2013)

Badger Log: 98 (2013)

December 2013: Our Winter Colors ;)

December 2013: Our Winter Colors ;) by apple-pine
California has the most colorful winter out of the all I've seen :) And it's warm enough (on most of the days) and there is enough light even on a shortest day for me to draw on the way home :)
December 2013: Treasures

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Day 2013 by apple-pine

I had a wonderful Christmas Day in Hidden villa.
 My Christmas Day 2013
Piglets are getting pretty large and are harder to draw  %) Chickens are still crazy. Life goes on :)

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Badger Log: 96 (2013)

December 2013: Afternoon Light

December 2013: Afternoon Light by apple-pine
Somehow December turned out to be a month of "I have only 3.5 minutes to sketch - what should I draw?" month...

December 2013: Drawing live at the event

December 2013: Drawing live at the event by apple-pine
I took a small Moleskine sketchbook (sitting on the bleachers with a large horizontal one would not be possible) and drew during the whole 3-something hours of the show. It was an interesting experience punctuated by a need to help change costumes, take pictures, move to let someone step down or to avoid someone foot stepping on my hand etc. All in all sketchbook helped me enjoy the whole thing on a different level!

December 2013: Hiking

December 2013: Hiking by apple-pine
It was really cold and even though I had my large sketchbook and travel watercolor kit with me I did not get them out of the backpack even for a moment. Quick pen and shade while snacking on bananas and back to hiking!

December 2013: Hidden Villa

December 2013: Hidden Villa - Happy Mother by apple-pine
Happy mother was making such a wonderful sleepy noises that it was impossible to resist and I snored in unison with her while sketching. December 2013: Hidden Villa