September 2013: First of Pineapple Guavas

September 2013: Morning Treasures by apple-pine
 These amazingly fragrant fruits are full of soft and tasty happiness and just started to ripen!
September 2013: Evening Treasures

September 2013: Flower and Tree

September 2013: Flower by apple-pine
This flower was way taller than me, and this tree not that much. Stood one by another, me in between, waiting for the bell to ring.
September 2013: Tree

September 2013: Treasures

September 2013: Treasures by apple-pine
This branch was huge! and fell apart on the way home - hence two pieces :)

Another post about "Before and After"

September 2013: Pool by apple-pine
I carry stack of printer paper with me to sketch quick poses and then select a few to tape in m sketchbook. This way I am not afraid of "wasting paper" on quick gestures - the only way to draw kids when they are awake (and when they are sleeping sometimes too) and I can leave my 20 lb sketchbook at home (it's not that bad and I actually really like it - but people are making fun of me a bit because of this album's size :)
September 2013: Hot! Swim pool break.

September 2013: Treasures

September 2013: Treasures by apple-pine

My Life Drawing Class

September 2013: My Life Drawing Class by apple-pine
My current sketchbook is a bit heavy to carry around 24x7 so sometimes I have only a few pieces of paper with me for example to work on quick poses. Most of those meet with the recycling bin on a same day but sometimes something is worth taping in the actual album.
September 2013: My Life Drawing Class

September 2013: New Friends

September 2013: New Friends by apple-pine
New flowers in my pots. Watering bird working hard - September is a hot month around here.
September 2013: New Friends

New Sketchbook

August 2013: Treasures by apple-pine
I started a new sketchbook - it's an experiment with even larger size and light but watercolor paper. It's gorgeous. Heavy. Red and Black. With decorated cover. It's numbered 77.
September 2013: Hiking September 2013: Hiking Treasures