June 2013: When in doubt...

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June 2013: When in doubt... by apple-pine
Draw what's in front of you: your lunch, foot, messy table... June 2013: When in doubt... 
 June 2013: When in doubt...

June 2013: Sketchbook Update

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June 2013: Pool by apple-pine
No color and many lines but I am happy to move this sketchbok with what I have :) June 2013: Project June 2013: Afternoon

Badger Log: 39 (2013)

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New friend :)

Windy Day Sketching in Shoreline

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Windy Day Sketching in Shoreline by apple-pine
Trying to take a photo of both my sketch and my object I almost fell off the travel chair :)
Windy Day Sketching in Shoreline
Though I can always blame the wind: it was tearing my sketchbook away all the time until one second I lost control and it jumped out :)

June 2013: Daily Summer Report

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June 2013: Flowers by apple-pine

June 2013:  Pool

June 2013: Pool

Badger Log: 38 (2013)

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First Page of Sketchbook 75

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First Page of Sketchbook 75 by apple-pine
This is a book of challenges for me. I decided to experiment with several things at the same time:
- rather dark, gray paper;
- an attempt of avoiding line as much as possible;
- endeavor in the world of gouache;
- and at the same time I decided to combine my drawings from imagination with the drawings from observation in this book.
All at once...
And so far it's not working too well - some days I don't even open the book. Or rather I open it and close. I did not want to scan and did not want to post anything...
but I think the only way to concur this stumble is to brave it through! So - I will continue experimenting and will post at least one page a day until the book if filled to the end within the next two weeks. It means that I will draw at least 5 pages a a day :) And I hope to learn from it!

May 2013: Gray Morning

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May 2013 by apple-pine

May 2013

Flower Walk

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May 2013: Flower Walk by apple-pine
I wanted to finish my sketchbook - it was time. But I wanted it to be a splash! So I spent one morning hunting different colors on my way from A to B and here is what I got :)

May 2013: Flower Walk

May 2013: Flower Walk

Badger Log: 37 (2013)

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Lunch conversation.

May 2013: Poppies

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May 2013: Poppies by apple-pine
May was a wonderful month for colors and lines, windy hills and quiet moments :)

May 2013: Hills
May 2013: Daily

Random Thoughts

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Random by apple-pine
Random, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.

May 2013: Status Update - Plants at Home

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May 2013: Current Home Plant Status by apple-pine
And some visitors too :)

May 2013: Visitor