Catch of the day ;)

Catch of the day ;), originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Great way to spend hot September day - next to the icy-cold creek!

I know it's almost November and I am still posting these warm pictures - but I am working on catching up;)

Hot day by the creekForest

Quilting People

quilting_people_19, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Images of people and some of their work.
See whole Quilting People Set on Flickr

I started using a fresh bottle of Blue-Black Noodlers Ink and went through many portraits before I decided to add watercolor over it - just to find out that it's not waterproof. After some cursing and some drawings trashed, I finished this series differently - with other ways of presenting quilts or just leaving people alone. Many more faces are waiting for me in that book - so may be I'll try to come back to it one day :)

Garin Park: Tree

Garin Park: Tree, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

A wonderful time with the family in the Garin Park - first red leaves, rather hot day and lots of prey birds above.

Garin Park: in the barn
We spent some time in the barn where old equipment is hanging in the shadows. This piece mesmerized A. so much that I had a chance to sketch him - though most of the color was added after A. ran away.
Garin Park - road

Park - Bridge

Park - Bridge, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Water is gone in the end of the summer, and it's a rather hot day but grass flourishes under the bridge and shadows look very inviting ;)

Eucalyptus tree tree on a hot day


Sky, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

You will have to imagine California blue sky as a background ;)

I had watercolors with me but there was no chance to use them because: First the pen I was testing in this drawing exploded (fortunately, zip-lock bag was next to the sketchbook, so only some of it ended up on my t-shirt).

And as soon as I finished my short speech about pens exploding with ink, my son ran to me screaming - he fell and was covered in blood and tears and needed an urgent hug :)

So to commemorate the colorful state of my shirt, I left a bit of other pages show on this scan ;)

Illustration Friday: Strings

Illustration Friday: Strings, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Geese in the park - again ;)

Geese in the park - again ;), originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I've been playing with a new pen - Ackerman pen which gives you a chance to use regular nib in a plein air setting - without a need to carry a bottle of ink and such. It has pluses and minuses and I've been writing my notes down to give a full review but did not have a chance yet as I am hoping to get my hands on a new version of this pen so that I can write more good things ;)

Geese in the park - and again ;)

another day - on the way from lunch

did not have much time to finish but I think empty paper works to express what a hot day this way - at least I thought it was hot until two days later it was really HOT.

Illustration Friday: Sugary

if08_sugary_b, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I am not into sugary stuff. Not at all.
And this was a really good exercise for me as I have to overcome certain resistance within. And i did not really succeed in this. At the end I decided that I will think about some sweet things I ate over the last week that were NOT sugary - and draw them - which is what you see here :)

p.s. I just opened my fridge and counted 5 sorts of jam. May be I should think more about the sugary topic... or less? ;)

Creek in the hills


Notes on our visit: not getting car sick, talking to friends, getting our feet wet, pedal-powering the boat upstream to look for turtles, catching crawdad instead, eating a watermelon chilled in the creek, looking at smoggy and beautiful sunset over the valley on the way home - good day! The rest is in the pictures :)

sk08_337creek on the water

Illustration Friday Forray

Perhaps, my fascination with dwarf elephants will explain my drawing for the Island theme :)

I thought about doing something sweet and sugary, when I brainstorm about something I keep drawing and after a while this face from the book I recently read came up. I think you can see that I am not too much into sugary things :) A more fitting drawing is in the process though :)

When you are all packed and ready to go - what do you think about? Did I remember to take **** and *** and ***?

Alum Rock Park - colors

Alum Rock Park - colors, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Illustration Friday: Memory and Clutter

Clutter is one of the things I always think of coming from inside and able to get inside ;) And this is an endless war - just like with leaves in the fall :)

And as for memory... I tried to remember things not visually and found out that sounds are very vivid but also - surprisingly to me personally - I remembered a lot as a touch - and could transform memory from a picture and colors to feelings on my skin - it's fun - you should try it!

People in a landscape

Picchetti Ranch - on the log, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I always enjoy having people in a picture. But these are special somehow - I think I understood something in these drawings. We had a lot of fun together over the summer :)

 Alum Rock park - on the bench