Oct 30, 2013

Wednesday Before Halloween

Wednesday Before Halloween by apple-pine
So far this is my favorite house - everything is more or less expected but it looks so natural with this house... and there was a dog barking endlessly as if from a well...

I liked the sheer size of the decorations in this house (see below) plus some plush crows in the tree. By the way - while I was painting this there were quite a few real crows watching me intently :)
Wednesday Before Halloween

Oct 29, 2013

Tuesday Before Halloween

Tuesday Before Halloween by apple-pine
The day was gray-ish bit I a gorgeous black cat with white whiskers kept me company :)

Tuesday Before Halloween

Tuesday Before Halloween

Badger Log: 67 (2013)

Monday before Halloween :)

Monday before Halloween :) by apple-pine

While I was drawing quite a few people stopped by to say Hi - a very nice neighborhood! Most of the comments were about me sketching but one was very special - old couple told me that they stopped by to tell me: "you - sitting on a chair in a pumpkin-colored hoodie - next to those skeletons - look very much as a part of this lovely composition" :)
Monday Before Halloween

Monday Before Halloween

Oct 28, 2013

October 2013: Pumpkin Patch

October 2013: Pumpkin Patch by apple-pine
My favorite pumpkin patch is back in town - birds, mammals everywhere. Most of them are in the jumpers though - so I get to sit down and sketch these guys :) October 2013: Pumpkin Patch

Oct 26, 2013

October 2013: Back from a GREAT trip!

October 2013: Treasures by apple-pine
Still posting pre-trip stuff though. I am pretty close to finishing this great sketchbook and torn between different options for the next one: smaller size (read: lighter load in my backpack, potentially more sketching) or same size (read: lots of space to draw, spreads including...)

October 2013: Treasures

October 2013: Persimmon Season Begins :)

Oct 11, 2013

October 2013: Hidden Villa Trees

October 2013: Hidden Villa Trees by apple-pine
I spent a lovely morning drawing in Hidden Villa with a friend. The water is gone so I was sitting on a boulder in the middle of a creek - next time I will remember to bring my chair!
October 2013: Hidden Villa Trees

Oct 7, 2013

September 2013: Airport Day

September 2013: Airport Day by apple-pine
Warm, windy and lots of planes and people (long lines)! Great time - really cool formation flying and amazing, colorful crowd of planes. Too bad we did not make it to the tower - well, may be next year! :)
September 2013: Airport Day