How plans change.

I planned to paint some sketches with gouache on my bike ride today: sprayed my pocket palette with lots of water, put it in a plastic bag and brought with me. But then everything changed: I found a dead seagull (passerby informed me that it's been there since yesterday) and a family of cottontails was grooming and grazing under a tree - and this is how I ended up without gouache sketch today!

Naming my Hyacinth.

I had a hyacinth last year and drew it as it grew - here is a post with lots of images:

And saved the bulb.

Then I found it last week - with a little white leaf trying to find light in a dark corner of the shed. I put the bulb in the water - now I have a new hyacinth to draw.

I also decided to give it a name and called for submissions on social media - on this page are all the names that were submitted for consideration - I think I have a decision but need to sleep on it :) 

p.s. I cannot wait for it see the flowers!