Park drawings

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Park drawings, originally uploaded by apple-pine.


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Watermelon!, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Hidden Villa Visit

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Hidden Villa, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

It was a very hot day and kids spent most of the time in the water ;)

Hidden Villa

Self Portrait after the run - learning to breathe

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I do not look like this really. But this drawings tells me that when I concentrate on breathing right I loose my posture completely. Or may be it's the fact that I tried to concentrate on drawing and breathing at the same time... Looking at this I think I better do one thing at a time from now on ;)

Self Portrait After the Run

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Self Portrait After the Run, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I did a left-handed one about a month ago - a lot of fun! ;)

Self Portrait After the RUn: LeftHanded

Two visits to the GYM

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Two visits, from sketchbook #34 and 36 ;) I think I completely ignored drawing in GYM while working in #35 ;)
GYM in July GYM today

You know...

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You know..., originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I think all kinds of animals like to sleep on warm laundry mountains!

Morning and Evening

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Morning and Evening, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

lightly snoring :)

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lightly snoring :), originally uploaded by apple-pine.

In the park

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In the park, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I've been thinking that a lot of immediacy, relevance and being "here' which I enjoy in my sketching is lost when I post things month after... so I decided to start scanning my current sketchbook and posting simultaneously with catching up on previous two ;)

Oh, the SPIDER! He was HUGE!

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Oh, the SPIDER! He was HUGE!, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

A friend?

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A friend?, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

A chance meeting today in the park...


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Snacking :)

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Meet the Badger

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This is the badger whose adventures will be logged here, mostly with brush and ink, sometimes with words.

He is learning how to write and is not aware of this new log thing I am doing.

In parks

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In the park, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I lost my pace a little with posting sketches - perhaps since I picked up my pace with drawing ;) These belong to a little moleskine book which happens to be sketchbook #34 since I started numbering them. I used Lamy pen with waterproof pen in it a lot and enjoyed different little hikes and did many quite personal and/or mediocre drawings. But those that are suitable for sharing are coming up in one large lump in the next couple of days ;)

I am almost done with rather large sketchbook #35 now and it has quite a few pages I would love to share and get your feedback about - so I better pick up my pace here ;)

Oh, and I am hoping to post more on Sketching in Nature as I had some rather interesting adventures recently!

Stevens Creek Park - sitting by the water Found Treasures

In the parkIn the park

Tea again ;)

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Tea again ;), originally uploaded by apple-pine.

First cheese toast after a no-cheese week - daily happenings ;)

Camping at Santa Ctuz Mountains

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Wonderful trip - I only wish we spent more time there and less time packing and unpacking ;)

Camping at Santa Ctuz Mountains - 3 Camping at Santa Ctuz Mountains - 1

My Backpack

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My Backpack, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

It will probably take a whole sketchbook to draw everything that goes in it... ;)