January-February 2013: Daily Life.

January-February 2013:  Daily Life by apple-pine
It seems my sketchbook 71 is full of mostly gray sketches - and filled with minute notes on a daily life - a rare occasion when three generations lived, played and worked under the same roof.

January-February 2013:  Daily Life

January 2013: Daily Life

January-February 2013:  Daily Life 

January-February 2013:  Daily Life 
January-February 2013:  Daily Life
January-February 2013:  Daily Life 
January 2013: Sport 
January 2013: Daily Life 
January 2013: Sport 
January 2013: Walking in the Woods
Wait - here is some color!
 January 2013: Walking in the Woods

Badger Log: 18 (2013)

Running in the mud :)

Badger Log: 16 (2013)

The fish is usually sour. It's because it lives in the sea - there is a lot of salt in it.

Alaska 2012

This is it - my donation to the US Forest Service after my 2012 Voices of the Wilderness South Baranof Wilderness Artist Residency is completed and this is a photo of me holding it just before I sent it off. 

My fellow artist in residence - Kaylyn Messer - completed her video interview with me:

Voices of the Wilderness - Interview Nina Khashchina 2012 from Kaylyn Messer on Vimeo.

And I applied for residency with Voices of Wilderness in 2013 :)

Life is good ;)


January 2013: Treasures by apple-pine
I am frantically trying to post everything from 1.5 sketchbooks before my current work because of this strange idea that things should be shown chronologically... well, thinking about it takes too much time - I better get on scanning and posting :)
January 2013: Coyote Hills
I took up listening to some videos/interviews while working in the evening and interview with Lisa Congdon was a great inspiration for me. January 2013: Watching Interview with Lisa Congdon

Badger Log: 15 (2013)

It's Sliding Time!
(ice or floor)

January 2013: Sport Notes

January 2013: Sport by apple-pine
Kids are quick but fortunately work on the same movement several times. I try to draw parents-observers too - thanks to the large mirror wall in this studio.
January 2013: Sport

January 2013: Sport

Visiting Museum with a Sketchbook.

Guess where I was today :) by apple-pine
The girl with the pearl earring in De Young.

Jan 2013: Reading

Jan 2013: Reading by apple-pine
January was filled with reading. And many other things - which are now scanned and I will post them in a day or two ;)

Badger Log: February 1 (#12 in 2013)

And he was a mighty warrior with a volcano on his head. Wait - volcanoes on the head are very inconvenient when you watch TV - let's not draw it!