Mar 26, 2013

Badger Log: 28 (2013)

February 2013: Visit to Muir Woods

February 2013: Muir Woods by apple-pine
Amazing trees. Great park. If only there was a way to eliminate a crowd... All three of my companions were taking pictures this time so I had to move faster than I wanted - but still had a great time trying to mix that "redwoody" color with green for in between :)

February 2013: Muir Woods

February 2013: Muir Woods

Mar 14, 2013

Point Lobos

February 2013: Point Lobos by apple-pine
Searching for treasures, drawing, arguing safe distance to the waves, discussing which bird is that, looking for sea otters, what have you...
 February 2013: Point Lobos

Mar 6, 2013