kids with parents in the Braly park

It was a nice afternoon with lots of kids and parents in the park - some to play with A. while I sketch, some to do interesting things for me to sketch :)

Girl on a swing and parents around

empty swing

Feb. 25, 2009 - Road Work

I found this subject just as soon as I stepped out of my place today :) Lucky me since my time was somewhat limited and being so close to all my tools made it possible for me to draw with my Lamy pen in black ink, then run to scanner and get a digital version of B&W version (below).

I wanted to do this since I liked some lines and forms as is and I've been spoiling quite a few sheets of paper lately by adding horrific color to some relatively nice drawings :)

And then - come back to splash some watercolors and continue my working day after that :)

You can click on images to see them larger :)

Rowad work next to my home - Ink

Nice day to sketch outside :)

Nice day to sketch outside :), originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Ink and watercolor wash.

Wonderful day - and I forgot the name of the street - will have to write it down next time :)

Wonderful sketching chair that I have now allowed to to enjoy this tree on the way home :)

Tree on my way home.

Sound of the car...

Sound of the car..., originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I tried to catch the sound A. was making while drawing cars :)

Saying good bye

Saying good bye, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

it's time for these friends to go. May be one more drawing and I will take them to the trash bin :)

My Holiday Eye

My Holiday Eye, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Finally I got to this sketch to upload ;)

This is a regular "daily drawing" - in this case - my eye. I managed to forget how slippery real hardwood floors are when you are wearing wool socks and, while running to check on the food I smashed my eyebrow on the floor.

Below are slippers my friend gave me immediately when I came back from the hospital - and I am wearing them every day since then ;)

Presents - slippers ;)

Illustration Friday: Celebrate

There are many-many things to celebrate in February. And now - one more as a new little girl entered this world!

Warm day walk

I wad a rather short time and decided to do a few quick sketches on one page while on the way from A to B. Good thing it was a warm day - yesterday I jumped in a car after 10 minutes of sketching and was shivering for 10 minutes after!
Warm day walk

Illustration Friday: time / numbat

Illustration Friday: time / numbat
When I think about species that are extinct or almost extinct - like numbat, I think about time. In many different ways.

Jornal Page: more presents

My friend crocheted this wonderful pencil case for me - it travels now in my backpack all the time and holds all kinds of art supplies ;)

Jornal Page: more presents

Zebra pen was another little present - it's nice, but somehow a little too stiff for me. Though because it has two ends it's a nice tool to keep in my waist pouch ;)

Sketchbook #27

Sketchbook #27 - cover
I picked this book in the library rack "books for sale" for $1 - the size is just exactly what I was looking for and this cover is very nicely done: wonderful linen cloth, smooth matte finish on the book board - all I had to do was pull the actual signatures with text (sorry!) and restrain myself from putting too many signatures inside. Actually two was just the right number. This cover stood up to a beating of a rather vigorous 19 days (January 9th through 28th), traveled with me quite a bit in different bags and in the car and overall looks like new!

Here is inside spread and I will follow with more shortly! :)
Sketchbook #27 - inside

Hidden Villa, December 2008

It was raining lightly and I thought that there is no chance for me to sketch. Backpack with my sketchbook and little sketching kit was left in the car - I did not think we would last even 5 minutes.
Hidden Villa, December 2008
But rain was not hard. there were many interesting plants to check out in the garden, my little companion felt fine in a new jacket and we pressed on until sun started to show her face between rain drops and we found ourselves among animals :) I pulled my little book from the waist pack, found a pen and was happy to continue sketching until it was time to go home because all this excitement and chasing chickens and talking to Mama Cita made my little guy hungry ;)

Long day :)

Long day :), originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Visiting donkeys at the Barron Park in Palo Alto, sleeping, collecting remains of Araucaria pine cons and sleeping again (not visible on this photo), visiting Villa Montalvo and sketching trees :)

Illustration Friday: flawed

Illustration Friday: flawed, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

About a week ago or so we were in a store which gives balloons to kids when you finish with your shopping. We got a nice, big one!

A. was carrying it proudly to the car - we have a special ritual when we put balloon in the car first and make sure that it's strapped to it's place etc. And, when we were just a couple of steps away from the car, balloon got away, started moving up and then... POP!

A. was devastated. It was not the first balloon to die on his hands but certainly this was the most sudden end up to date. He cried WHY? so loudly that people came out of the store and very soon A. had another balloon in his hands. But he kept asking why and I told him that it was flawed from the very beginning - but this answer does not help - he keeps asking, though less frequently now. New balloon is gone too - but it's passing did not make so much noise and did not bring so many questions :)

El Camino

El Camino, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Another present I got!

Another present I got!, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

this is a wonderful tool and very thoughtful present I got for Holidays ;)

Light to carry, balanced to get on it and get off it, comfortable to sit.

I am having a lot of fun with it!

Sketch below is another illustration about everyday things :)


Monterey - ocean viewers

Monterey - ocean viewers, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

Monterey, CA. Breakwater.
I often meet rather interesting characters there. Famous lady with a huge ginger cat on a leash. Lots of people drawing. Building castles. Saving sea stars. Divers, after all ;) And this lady looked just right there - with a dog (or two - there was a lot of commotion with that poncho of hers) in her hands and a friend at her feet. They enjoyed afternoon waves for quite a long time this way ;)