One of these trees was a happy surprise on a new route. Another was something I looked at almost every morning :)


Sketching Sunnyvale with Suhita

Suhita Shirodkar is an amazing artist with whom I had a pleasure to sketch in Sunnyvale this spring. It took me forever to get to scan and post these sketches - Suhita posted hers ages ago!
Sketching Sunnyvale with Suhita Sketching Sunnyvale with Suhita
 If you have a minute - go look at her confident lines, dancing colors and people who are so real that I can hear them!


As I plow through unpublished sketchbooks to catch up on current works - lots of flowers long gone from the neighborhood keep me company. I love Freesias - especially their fragrance. I sit down really close to try to capture variety of colors and how buds change from green to colorful while I paint.