Sketchbook #95: My Succulents

They live outside and I often use them as subjects when I test some new painting supplies or set-up to see if things would work smoothly in the field - even if it's 2 feet away from home :) Sketchbook #95: My SucculentsSketchbook #95: My SucculentsSketchbook #95: My SucculentsSketchbook #95: My Succulents

Back form another Caribbean Adventure - part IX (Last One :)

Last batch of sketches from my underwater adventure: collection of fish tails, Angel fish and some colorful sponges and arrowhead crabs.
sk16_underwater_25sk16_underwater_26sk16_underwater_27 And here is the video of me in action: sketching while scuba diving!

Sketchbook #95: Wisteria

Sketchbook #95: WIsteriaSketchbook #95: WIsteriaSketchbook #95: WIsteriaSketchbook #95: WIsteria

Back form another Caribbean Adventure - part IIX

Notes on these sketches are bringing back lots of little memories - I already forgot that something stung me on that dive but I remember well how I was hanging there waiting for my ears to equalize and drawing a soft coral swinging right below me in the light swell of the sea. Or that note about "we are back" - next to a strange-looking squiggly - it's a drawing of a large coral and sponge formation - so unique in it's size and shape that you can immediately recognize where you are and orient underwater (not that easy fit normally - especially if part of your attention goes to drawing :)


Sketchbook #95: Early Start of the Swimming Season

Drawing swimmers is hard for me and many pages did not make it here - but to acknowledge the beginning of the season and work on drawing swimming people I am posting a few sketches form the first practice :) (drawing trees is much easier hence the last sketch in this post - from the same day and location by the pool ;)

Sketchbook #95: Swim TeamSketchbook #95: Swim TeamSketchbook #95: Swim Team Trees

Back form another Caribbean Adventure - part VII


Back form another Caribbean Adventure - part II

One of my favorite underwater things to do is to find a fish that is camouflaging and then see if I can look away and then back and find it again :) Lizard fish is one of the great subjects for this game.

Juvenile Spotted Drum fish  was very hard to draw - it kept turning and even though I spent a good while trying to capture it the result is very poor.

Oh - and another interesting thing to do underwater is if you see a fish that usually stays with it's partner to find that partner and observe them together. Like these two Rock Beauty Angels (yellow and dark blue-to-black) snacking on a large porous vase sponge and chasing each other at the same time.

Original underwater sketches are taped in my regular sketchbook and comments and drawings around are done on the dry land a bit later.

Sketchbook #94: Irises

Sketchbook #94: IrisesSketchbook #94: IrisesSketchbook #94: Irises