Happy Holidays!

Its a miracle - to have flowers under your window for this time of the year (at least in my book of miracles!:) and it's a miracle - how many viruses are around us (cough-cough:)... getting better though :)

Below is a portrait of one of the babysitters I met in the park - Halina from Poland. A very nice lady with a hat matching her costume - even if it's a trainers and t-shirt! ;)

Teachers and students

A few weeks ago i had a chance to visit one color class briefly. Mostly to secretly draw teacher and students while they were doing the same. Why that class was "color class" - I do not know - we all were using black pens ;)

"Little Things" for Illustration Friday

I got some art supplies from the Japanese store (just a brush) - but it came in a wonderful black envelope - so hence the temptation to draw on black ;) Taped the paper into my sketchbook and made some pockets this way - to store notes and such. Little things like this make life... more dimensional ;)
here is a second part of the envelope:

Click on the image to see larger version.