Sketchbook #93: Reading

I am playing with different inks (it's Inktober after all:) and had fun painting with water over some noodler's blue-black - drawn with my Lamy Safari. Oh - and ballpoint pen is always near by :)

Sketchbook #93: Reading
Sketchbook #93: Reading
Sketchbook #93: Reading

The end of Owls Project

Twenty five fierce, cute, large, tiny, fast and amazing flying carnivorous beauties - it was a lot of fun to learn about them!
I am setting up a place to sell some of the originals and make print with all of them at once - what do you vote for: Etsy or Amazon Handmade?


Project "Owls": Owl #25 - Eurasian Eagle-Owl


Badger Log: 58 (2015) / #Inktober #14

Badger Log

Sketchbook #93: School Trip

We spooked many lizards, saw back side of a deer, touched "the fence that moved", enjoyed displaying turkeys, touched cool madrona trees and observed lots of cool rocks and plants! Sketchbook #93: School TripSketchbook #93: School Trip

Project "Owls": Owl #21 - Crested Owl