Sketchbook #93: Everyday Things

Little things fill the sketchbook. Often they come from all sorts of stray pieces of paper - but I glue them in, write a few words and sometimes draw over them to explain - like these notes on the materials. I loved that light on the wall - it was endless!
Sketchbook #93: Everyday ThingsSketchbook #93: Everyday Things

Sketchbook #93: Trip to Maryland (Part 5)

I really did not like this sketch right after I completed it. But it grew on me somehow with time :)

Sketchbook #93: Trip to Maryland

Sketchbook #93: Trip to Maryland (Part 4)

I always wonder how to draw fire - it's almost impossible to see what colors you are picking! But having another source of light kills the magic for me... here is another attempt at almost  blind painting :)
Sketchbook #93: Trip to Maryland sk15_437
And some treasures drawn on our Maryland trip:
Sketchbook #93: Trip to Maryland Sketchbook #93: Trip to Maryland

Sketchbook #93: Trip to Maryland (Part 2)

We saw spotted maple leaves everywhere! I sketched them many times and kept a few dry leaves taped in my sketchbook later - will be interesting to see if they will retain color :)
Sketchbook #93: Trip to MarylandSketchbook #93: Trip to Maryland

Sketchbook #93: Trip to Maryland (Part 1)

These are first pages of testing my new sketching set-up. Using separate pages instead of sketchbook worked great as the weather was more humid than I am used to and watercolors were taking quite a bit of time to dry. And there was so much to sketch! So I just jumped from one page to another until it was time to hike further :)

Sketchbook #93: Trip to MarylandSketchbook #93: Trip to MarylandSketchbook #93: Trip to Maryland
We saw some signs of a beaver activity!

Sketchbook #93 - My Flowers

Before going on a recent trip, I adjusted my sketching kit quite a bit to have a supporting board and carry just a few pieces of paper with me. There were three reasons:
one - I was expecting some rain and I did not want to get my whole sketchbook wet.
two - a few pages are always lighter than a whole 8.5 x 11 sketchbook of 80 pages.
three - my current sketchbook has wonderful craft paper in it and I love it - but I crave some white for my watercolors often :)
Below are experimental sketches done outside with the new plein-air set-up - I like it so far!

Sketchbook #93 - My Flowers Sketchbook #93 - My Flowers

Sketchbook #93: Waiting Room People

This waiting room was filled with people who could not see well and with some who just got back the use of their eye. Some of my subjects were oblivious to me drawing and some were more than interested! So I decided to use my pocket sketchbook to be as inconspicuous as possible and later taped best sketches in my main ( 8.5 x 11") sketchbook.

Keeping my sketching in chronological order is very important for my motivation - I tried drawing in several books at the same time - organized by size at one time or by a subject at another time and it always ended up with overall drawing time going down.

Sketchbook #93: Waiting Room People Sketchbook #93: Waiting Room People