July 2012: Bits and Pieces of my July

July 2012: Evening Walk by apple-pine
July 2012: Evening Walk, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.
I did not post for a little while - somehow swimming in tiny sketches and notes about disorganized days and not enough sketching to show... here are a few glimpses... July 2012: Moving Kids
July 2012: Park
July 2012: Park

July 2012: Woodworking is Awesome

Badger Log, originally uploaded by apple-pine.
Sometimes it's fun, sometimes wood is fighting back... Badger Log

Drawing with Kids at the Stanford Museum

I had a blast with three great kids drawing artworks in the Stanford museum while I was drawing them. Such thoughtful approach to what to draw, sincere comments they made about subjects and each others artwork and how much time we spent at the museum all inspire me on many levels!

Notes: we made little sketchbooks out f single sheet of letter sized paper (here is example) - good idea. Each one had a pencil (museum does not allow pens - I was hiding mine every time guards were passing by as I had to share pencil when one of the leads broke :), so next time I will need more pencils plus eraser plus something small and sturdy to avoid leaning on precious artifacts for sketchbook support :) I had one little book with me - but they all wanted one. Oh, and carrots for the "after the museum" part were good - need to bring more and do the "sharing" of the sketched on the steps - with carrots - before kung-fu panda enters their mind :)

July 2012: Playing Sports

July 2012: Sport by apple-pine
July 2012: Sport, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.
I am having fun with the Aquash Watercolor Brush Pen :)
 July 2012: Sport
Some teachers are much more considerate about my speed than others... :)
Today a group of kids were working very hard right next to me but man - that speed drill is HARD to survive!

July 2012: Kids Sale

July 2012: Kids Sale by apple-pine
July 2012: Kids Sale, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.
No kids were sold or purchased during this event :)
But we had a great fun playing real market economy: with lots of well used and no longer wanted things offered by many kids in their chalk-outlined stores. Every store had it's name. Money (in denominations of 1, 5 and 10) were printed on green paper and had lots of cats on them. And kids were left to themselves working out how to buy and sell things :) While drawing my reportage I tried my best not to crack my ribs from laughter.
My favorite conversations:
1. I think you might be interested in this - it's the most scientific part of a computer - a mouse!
2. How much for this dinosaur? One dollar. Hm... I do not have one - will you take 5? oh, OK.
3. How much is this car? - Dollar. -
I want to buy this car from you to sell it to Mike over there. - OK - then it's three dollars.

What can I say - I am ready for another event like this! :)

4th of July plans?

July 2012: Edgewood Park by apple-pine
July 2012: Edgewood Park, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.
I am way behind on posting my June sketches so I'll sort through everything quickly tomorrow - in the spirit of the holiday - and post some best stuff to be up to date :)
Then I'll go get some BBQ-ed/fried stuff and fireworks.
What about your 4th of July plans?

July 2012: Current Palette Set-Up and exciting News

This is my current palette. It's a special edition Schmincke set purchased on a BIG sale from WetPaint. I took out metal insert which had rails for holding pans and attached my own (extended) collection of pans using Sugru.
I still have enough space to:
a) add more colors or
b) store paper towel (paper towel I - paper towel II is waiting in the water container)
c) store brush (this is a squirrel brush with shortened handle and Zebra pen cover - for protecting my squirrel and to extend brush when painting).

And, using same sugru hacking method I attached a piece of Lego to the mixing area and corresponding piece to my little water container - this was my water does not go flying around :)

You can read more details about colors when you click on the image but basically these are Schminke factory made pans and some Neva/Yarka watercolors I enjoy form a much larger and older set.

Now - one of the reasons for this new - experimental set-up is MY EXCITING NEWS!
I will be participating in 2012 Voices of the Wilderness Artist in Residence Program with Chugach  and Tongass National Forests, Western Arctic National Parklands.

It means that I will be going to Alaska this August - to look, draw, paint and share my drawn reportage about an amazing wilderness as it exists today.

For this trip and preparation for it I am going to make a set on Flickr and tag here - in my blog.

Stay tuned for more news :)