Nov 27, 2013

Badger Log: 86 (2013)

November 2013: Treasures - Giving Thanks.

November 2013: Treasures - Giving Thanks. by apple-pine
This sketchbook is not happy about water - at all. So I am using pencils more and more. At least for a couple of pages after each attempt at watercolor :)

Nov 23, 2013

November 2013: Daily Life Observation

November 2013: Daily Life
November 2013: Daily Life by apple-pine
It's an interesting trend: I post mostly black and white pages lately though there is a lot of color in my sketchbook and other works. But those color ones are either too personal or too ugly or too different to post...

Nov 10, 2013

The end of Sketchbook #77

Sketchbook #77 by apple-pine
I've been working in a new sketchbook for a few days now - but come back to post from this one and just page through. It's a large book (12" x 9") and covered over two month of my life. Here is the last page:

November 2013: Morning

Nov 6, 2013

Oct 2013: Yosemite Trip - Last Pages

Oct 2013: Yosemite Trip - Treasures by apple-pine
I collected some extra treasures to draw when we got home.

Oct 2013: Yosemite Trip - Treasures

On the way back I drew in a cave!

Oct 2013: Yosemite Trip - Cavern

And drew a landscape in 1 minute - next time I will spend another to add color!

Oct 2013: Yosemite Trip - Quick Sketches
or may be not :)
Great trip!