Waiting at the car service

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people react differently when you draw them - some are ok, with some you have to switch ti drawing their shoes right away...


Zoo visit

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone :)

At Last!

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My book - "The Cat with No Name" is here - I received my first few copies they smell soooo good :) And it feels good too!

You will find more information and all 8 illustrations on my web-site:
Page 1 http://www.apple-pine.com/bk/bk_01.html
Page 2 http://www.apple-pine.com/bk/bk_02.html
Page 3 http://www.apple-pine.com/bk/bk_03.html
Page 4 http://www.apple-pine.com/bk/bk_04.html
Page 5 http://www.apple-pine.com/bk/bk_05.html
Page 6 http://www.apple-pine.com/bk/bk_06.html
Page 7 http://www.apple-pine.com/bk/bk_07.html
Page 8 http://www.apple-pine.com/bk/bk_08.html

E-mail me if you want a copy!

trying new pen

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What are your most common doodling subjects? What appears in your sketchbook when you get a new pen?
Crazy monsters? People? Your feet? Your pens? Stack of books on your table Lunch (or other meal)?
Let me know!

it started as a blind contour...

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But didn't end that way as you can see :)

My News Digest: more Nixon faces :)

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It's a coincident. But Nixon's face popped up two days in a row in the newspapers - so I did another take on him... I think first one was better though.

More Cat Book Sketches

My News Digest and Flowers

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I've been working on getting more sketching in my day and also on developing a warming-up daily routine - you know - to get some rough lines out of your system before you start working on main things? So while re-visiting Danny Gregory's CREATIVE LICENSE, THE: GIVING YOURSELF PERMISSION TO BE THE ARTIST YOU TRULY ARE I found a passage about Tommy Kane who starts his day by making one drawing about news he reads in new york times.
I read a few online newspapers - so why not make my news digestion more creative and productive time? And I am giving it a try for a while. Actually I started over a month ago - I am just a little behind on posts here :)

And here are some occupants of my patio :)


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Pentel Brush Pen above and Pilot V5 below - I never used it before and having fun now trying different marks for shading :)

Illustration Friday: Hats

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I was hoping to get to the hat party in the nearby elementary school today but it did not happen - so here is another hat for you - it's a brand new addition to little guy's wardrobe :)

Sketches with color (red ;) pencil - trying to add more color to my daily sketches and not sure it really is working - but in this case it wasn't bad I think ;)

Quick figure drawings: guess who is the model :)

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Illustration Friday: Trick or Treat

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I am a little late with the IF post this week but want to share these Halloween monsters anyway.

Which one is the scariest?

In preparation for the Cat Book

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I am working on a book - it's about a cat ;) And here is one of the sketches that has a chance to make it to the cover...