Janary 2014: Improving Lego

Janary 2014: Improving Lego by apple-pine
Sculpey and lego pieces rule when it comes to customization :)
Pretty successful experiment, by the way :)

January 2014

January 2014 by apple-pine
When in doubt - draw what you see around you, empty your pockets and draw that too. By that time doubt is usually gone :)

January 2014: Treasures

January 2014: Every Day

January 2014: Every Day by apple-pine
One unsuccessful page over another - still a pretty realistic record of the day.

January 2014: Treasures of Two Very Different Days

January 2014: Treasures
The paper in this sketchbook continues to challenge my sense of understanding how to draw - mostly because sometimes I don't slow down before drawing. But when I do I get a very different feeling from it - as if we will be friends at the end :)
January 2014: Treasures by apple-pine

January 2014: Tree Cutters - Part 1

January 2014: Tree Cutters by apple-pine
I was supposed to work hard on a project but the sounds was too much - even through the ear plugs it was driving me crazy. So I turned to my sketchbook and recorded the process tree cutters went through hoping that I will get a bit of extension on the thing waiting for me at the computer.
January 2014: Tree Cutters 

January 2014: Tree Cutters January 2014: Tree Cutters January 2014: Tree Cutters

January 2014: Forest Walk

January 2014: Forest Walk by apple-pine
Every page, every spread in this book is a bit of a surprise, sometimes - struggle as papers and ink combinations are so different that I am forced to either changing my tools every spread or sticking to the simplest pencil... So the year is not starting easy for me :) But I see the way through :)
January 2014: Treasures

Badger Log: 4 (2014)

Badger Log