Illustration Friday: Moon

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Click on the image to see larger version.

Illustration Friday: Poem

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I think of poems as of something for reading out loud, and it's best to be moving. Kind of dancing to them, tasting them with your muscles from tong to toe. Or may be it just works if you are an elephant ;)

Dog Park

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Apart from the Jerico - our neighbor's dog there is also a new dog place I visit regularly - it's in the park and sometimes I've seen quite a few dogs playing there. But this place it's much tougher to sketch at :)

Illustration Friday: discovery - new tree!

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I found this flower during one of my morning walks. After a little bit of investigation I realized that it could be coming only from a tree and assumed that this is a Platanus tree. But later I found out through other people with whom I shared this finding that this is a tree I never heard about - Tulip Tree. This proved to be a real discovery! Especially when I found out that practically there is no street around my home - without one of a these wonderful trees ;)

Above - another close-up sketch. Below - whole tree silhouette.

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Sketchbook leftovers

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Cleaning my Hard Drive / Catching up :)

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This was sort-of a greeting card for a friend and family member :)

Illustration Friday: Twist

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Twist for IF.
In the meantime I am fighting some sort of summer virus. I hate being ill in the summer. No - I hate being ill, but in the summer I hate it twice!