May 2014: Everyday Life

May 2014: Everyday Life
May 2014:TreasuresMay 2014: Everyday Life


May 2014: Lillies
I love these flowers but have to keep them outside and even draw in short bursts - the envelope of fragrance is very powerful!
May 2014:Lillies

Note on the Process

I just finished uploading last images I wanted to share from sketchbook #82:

Sketchbook #82 at a glance (everything uploaded)
And I am about 1/3 through sketchbook #83 now - but it looks like I share process photos way more than actual sketches...
Sketchbook #83 at a glance (1/3 filled with drawings)

Day-to-Day Stuff

I am so behind with posting (perhaps it will look better if I say that I have more stuff drawn than posted :) that I decided to do a few posts with lots of day-today things dumped here - as a record.
May 2014: Long Day May 2014: No Flower Flower May 2014: Treasures May 2014: Lilies May 2014: Lilies

Reading Time

Everyday activity with predictably small amount of wondering - reading :) May 2014: Reading
I enjoy recording different stages, trying to figure out what is happening in the book...
 May 2014: ReadingMay 2014: Reading

May 2014: Treasures

May 2014: Teasures May 2014: Treasures

Brush Pen in My Pocket

For me the fastest and simplest way to draw is with what I have in my pockets - and that's usually ballpoint pen :) But if I put black and gray brushpens in - this will happen during the week :)
May 2014: ChestnutMay 2014: Basil Plant May 2014: Neighbor's Flower May 2014: Evening