Badger Log: 68 (2014)

Badger Log

Crazy Colored Reading Child

Painting a moving target IS harder than drawing #reading #sketbook
Apparently it really is harder to paint a moving target than to draw :)
My super cool gouache palette - I am dreaming of making the same style palette with watercolors - perhaps as a holiday present for myself? :)

September 2014: Visit to USS Hornet Museum

#lategram from Monday #usshornet
It was a wonderfully sunny day - though wind rather quickly made me wonder how people survived long shifts on the deck and I went sketching people chewing on pretzels next to the helicopter.
September 2014: Visit to USS Hornet Museumsk14_422 September 2014: Visit to USS Hornet Museum
Many pigeons everywhere :)
September 2014: Visit to USS Hornet MuseumSeptember 2014: Visit to USS Hornet Museum

September 2014: Trying Dragon Fruit and Reading

September 2014: Dragon FruitSeptember 2014: Dragon FruitSeptember 2014: Dragon Fruit
Fruits are way more cooperative and sit still while I draw them (most of the time - I had a few apples run away and one or two persimmon eaten once in a while). But my other subjects move a lot. So I draw on whatever paper I can find as quickly as I can and tape results later in my main book.
September 2014: ReadingSeptember 2014: Reading

October 2014: Nasa Opens it's Doors to Public

Incredible amount of people turned for this event. In three hours of walking the only place where I was able to get rid of the "crowd is squeezing me" feeling was inside this magnificent structure: Hangar One.
October 2014: Sketching from inside of NASA Hangar One 
Will scan and post sketches later - for now - process :)

October 2014: New Look on my web-site.

Fall is here and so is new look to my web-site home page.

October 2014: New Look for My Web-Site
Here is a look at about a year of sharing my process on Instagram:
October 2014: Sharing My Process
I like that I can share to several sources with just one click (tumblr, facebook, flickr, twitter) and tagging is easy. Why so many places? Trying to see which one works better for me :)

Here is a link to a full album of images to browse through:

Happy Friday!

Pentel Pocket Brush - custom ink!

I refilled original cartridge of the Pentel Pocket Brush - works great! #tools #sketching #brushpen

Chestnuts on my table