Storytelling time

My brother is visiting... ;)
He reads and draws and tells stories with my son and overall became his friend in many adventures :) They are doing so well together that I had a chance to draw!

Pitt Brush pen and water soluble pencil in Super Deluxe Sketchbook by Aquabee (93# - reasonably nice but shows through as you can see if you click on images to see larger version)

Portrait Party - family style

I coaxed my mom into participating in Portrait Party with me and below are our portraits ;)

After making a first one she got so hooked that she just completed portrait of my Dad and he promptly drew her (below:)

Let's see who will be next!

In the park

I was trying to identify these trees and so far only one is done - bottom one is evergreen pear! Below is detailed study.

Second Chances :)

Hydrangea that I was getting ready to throw away and moved in the corner is back to life - within 2 weeks - lots of new leaves and a promise - little flowerheads sticking our now ;)

p.s. as you can see, monsteras are ever present ;)

p.p.s. I was playing with the watercolor pens this time - it's a very easy to use tool - quick to start and finish the process - which I appreciate very much since I often have only a few minutes. But mixing colors is still something I need to work on - right now I was getting some colors by touching the point of one pen with another - which works great but then you need to clean both pens and it's not as easy as with the normal brush ;)

March 8, 2008: villa montalvo

This Saturday we went for a very nice little hike in villa montalvo - it's our first time. The park is pretty "domesticated", a little more people than I'd like - for early morning hike but overall - very nice place - and pretty close!

Too bad I did not have time to sketch water strider with amazing shadows on the bottom of the pool! Well, this calls for another visit then ;)

And I'd love to draw buildings at that place too!

Garden for Illustration Friday

This topic is worth exploring further but I wanted to share results of my plein air today :)
More at my Flickr :)

Illustration Friday: Leap

I was thinking about leap of faith and how we need it in our everyday lives and somehow got into this one ;)