Getting ready for inktober!

I am getting ready for the inktober: making lists, trying papers and pens, choosing what to draw for a month... Will I treat this as an additional separate project or try and incorporate the technique into other projects I have in progress? Will I follow the prompts (there are so many good ones these days - and official list too!) What rules will I make for myself? 

A Festival of Seasonal Veggies


Most of the fruits and veggies I stockpiled over the weekend were gone in a flash :) But some stayed long enough for me to draw. Why? This was a very unusually shaped tomato. And two veggies that we normally do not consume. 

6 months in

About six months ago - when Covid quarantine started I made a document for a “list of things to remember to do when this is over”. I stopped adding things to it by mid-June I think and completely forgot about it by July. Today I opened the document, crossed things that were done, moved the rest to other plans, and closed the document. 

Sketching While Waiting

I took the nonagenarian to see her eye doctor and had a wonderful time in the waiting room. First - the air was purified and easy to breathe despite double masks (one mask for the smoke and another for the covid). Outside I could not see most of what is usually there: San Jose was very smoky with AQI above 200 because of all the fires along the West Coast. And the waiting room had some people for me to sketch!

August California fires

This August brought devastating fires to California (again). Many are still burning and the smoke situation is now a part of our everyday life: apps to monitor air quality are installed on the phones again; I dust my plants from the ash in the morning; we close all windows when it gets too smoky outside and then rush to have our walk when it's better. But the sunsets are incredibly beautiful. Haunting, eerie, sometimes outright scary but beautiful. Here is a couple from last week: