August 2010: Hiden Villa

August 2010: Hiden Villa, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I had a great time sketching with my little companion - he received one of my tin-boxes (ex-mint box) with pints and a personal waterbrush and filled 1.5 sketchbooks with treasures since end of August :)

August 2010: Visiting California Academy of Sciences

While we rested under the aquarium dome a scuba-cleaning team started working on the space above me. I drew this extremely efficient and polite diver (not only he cleaned a lot of surface but he also was moving to avoid any collision with large fish). Pack my brush and make ready to go and hear knock suddenly - he saw that I was drawing and asked me - with gestures - to look at the sketch :) He liked it a lot I think - I could see smile even with mouthpiece in :)

With this I finish uploading sketchbook #47 - here is a link to a whole collection of sketches from it:

October 22, 2010: Self Portrait After the Run

Today was very gray and wet for me in the morning. Good though :)

Tenerife 2010

Tenerife 2010: View, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I finally finished scanning my Tenerife notes - here is where you can see them all: