100 Views of Silicon Valley: Baylands Park, Sunnyvale, California

I've finished my 100 views in June but with all the traveling stopped posting. Since then I found that many of the mini paintings I would like to re-paint or add/adjust - so this is a new stage of the project - and I will continue sharing it as it nears the conclusion of gathering all the images in one place.
This is a wonderfully spacious Baylands Park in Sunnyvale - place for runners, birdwatchers and people who enjoy looking at the hills at all seasons.

100 Views of Silicon Valley: Sunnyvale, California

Sketchbook #114: People - Playing cello, reading and visiting doctor.

Drawing people as they go about their life: reading, playing cello, visiting doctors. One pen and a pocket sketchbook allow me to work even when they are not aware - though I think my activity was noticed at the doctor's office...

Sketchbook #114: People - Octogenerian Sketchbook #114: People - CelloSketchbook #114: People - CelloSketchbook #114: People Reading

Sketchbook #114: Treasures

I am always interested in what people are collecting. We all are. Some more obviously than others - but I believe it's an important part of human nature. Thinking about what I collect was a large part of my spring and summer.
Sketchbook #114: Treasures Sketchbook #114: Treasures Sketchbook #114: Treasures

Sketchbook #114: Palettes

After a bit of travel hiatus I am back to blogging with high res images - and first come my watercolor palettes (larger one is the main and smaller one has all the extra / crazy colors) and my dry gouache palette. I take it with me when I travel as it raises fewer questions at the airport but it takes longer to make colors work with it and I kill brushes often as I have to really work pigment into them for the desired gouache-ness.

Sketchbook #114: Palettes Sketchbook #114: Palettes