Peony - Liquid Watercolors

This paper is not too happy about wet media but on the other hand it creates this soaked-wet feeling as if everything was drawn wet-in-wet - I like it :)

April 2014: Peony

On my Balcony.

Sunday Morning #sketchbook
Another spinning plant :) April 2014: On my Balcony

Drawing geese on a stroll through the mud.

April 2014: Baylands
I was drawing mud exposed by the low tide when a family of busy geese entered my territory and then completely occupied all my attention :) Hiding in the bush while drawing geese on a stroll through the mud. April 2014: Baylands

Liquid Watercolors

I've been playing with the liquid watercolors - enjoying brightness and purity of colors (which will probably fade pretty quickly as liquid watercolors are not lightfast) but the most intriguing for me thing is that I keep diluting them :) It's already 1/3 from the original (image below if painted with the original and I hope to scan some more recent images to share soon :)

April 2014: Flowers on the Wall
Playing with liquid watercolor.

"Take a Book - Return a Book" Mini Library in My Neighborhood

I recently found "Take a Book - Return a Book" mini library in my neighborhood and went to sketch it. Between the day of discovery and the day I was sketching about 30% books were new/different - it works - at least half way :)
  Take a Book - Return a Book #urbansketching #paloalto #california April 3014: Take a Book - Return a Book


I got myself an endlessly spinning subject to draw: hanging fucsia plant :) Together with some liquid watercolors they entertain me frequently :)

April 2014: Fucsia - Up Close
#sketchbook #fuchsia
April 2014: Fucsia - from afar
Previous renditions of the same plant are here: