Dragonflies this year

There always were dragonflies around here - but this year it feels like they are everywhere! Dragonflies bump into me when I bike, they zoom by and pass when I run only to make a sharp turn and head the other way, they accompany me on my walks. But they are always too fast for me to even think about drawing them! 

Today I found a dead one and in perfect condition. I was voted out on taking it home with me to draw so I crouched on the sidewalk and spent a nice thirty minutes looking at this beauty. 

Experimental pen gets experimental ink. And a dog portrait.

Over the years I collected a bunch of ink samplers. Some I used a lot, some I used a little but all of them ended up in this box. 

So today I was cleaning one of my experimental pens and decided to double the experiment by filling it with whatever's left in those little vials. I used syringe to get the last drops out and shook it to get rid of the air bubbles.

Then I used a piece of scrap paper to get the pen going.
And then I had to test the pen of course :)

Current Main Watercolor Palette

I like having these records about my palleter. I use them when I am making a decision as to what color to remove or how to simplify my palette, what colors to pick for the particular project. Or what colors to add to a yet new palette. 

But I also use these when I need a boost. Making these record reminds me how much I enjoy just playing with color. And later on I can go back to these, see how I loved some color or color combination and would be excited to paint again.

These are useful when I need to reorder fresh tubes of paint too. 

Current Gouache Palette

At the beginning of each sketchbook, I record the tools that I enjoy the most at the moment. This is my current gouache palette set-up at the beginning of sketchbook #130. 

I started a new sketchbook!

I started a new sketchbook and had fun decorating the cover. 

This book might not get to travel much but it only means that the new reflective cover will last longer and will be greeting me with the shiny stickers!

Testing new things

It’s a really hoy day, so I am pretending to be out and about drawing figs (actually sitting under a cluster of fans in the kitchen) and testing new blogger interface for posting from the phone.