First Page of Sketchbook 75

First Page of Sketchbook 75 by apple-pine
This is a book of challenges for me. I decided to experiment with several things at the same time:
- rather dark, gray paper;
- an attempt of avoiding line as much as possible;
- endeavor in the world of gouache;
- and at the same time I decided to combine my drawings from imagination with the drawings from observation in this book.
All at once...
And so far it's not working too well - some days I don't even open the book. Or rather I open it and close. I did not want to scan and did not want to post anything...
but I think the only way to concur this stumble is to brave it through! So - I will continue experimenting and will post at least one page a day until the book if filled to the end within the next two weeks. It means that I will draw at least 5 pages a a day :) And I hope to learn from it!


  1. I find gouache some what tricky to work with, especially on its own, so I use it with water colours or with other mixed media pieces... But its good challenge your self once in a while, change things around and try new things. Looking forward to see what you will do with it in the book

  2. we will see which experiments would still continue at the end of the book :)